Thank You Lykos #CCK Forever

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On Wednesday 17th April 2019 at the Cathays Community Centre in Cardiff Attack Pro Wrestling presented,”Wednesday Night Wristlocks”. The opening match saw Storm Wrestling Academy graduate Gisele Shaw go one one with Attack staple Chris Brookes, flanked by tag team partner and best friend Kid Lykos, after a really fun contest in which Brookes picked up the victory Lykos then requested the microphone. It was in this moment that one half of my favourite tag team and arguably my favourite wrestler period was to announce his retirement, Lykos revealed that the previous Friday at Riptide Wrestling’s “Riptide Rumble” he felt his shoulder pop once again which prompted him to leave the contest and this was indeed the final straw in a series of horrendously unlucky injuries. The retirement speech in full can be seen on the vod of

It was February 2017 and I stumbled across a Facebook ad for the Lucha Forever show “All Rise” in Cardiff, the show had Cardiff local and current WWE UK star Mark Andrews and New Japan sensation Will Ospreay advertised to compete,this grabbed my attention as the buzz of the first ever UK Tournament was still in the air and I had just started to delve in to the world of NJPW, so without hesitation I bought tickets to my first ever independent wrestling show. I then dabbled a llttle in WCPW and tried to gain some knowledge of the British scene but was still very much unaware of just what was out there and after doing some research found out that Lucha Forever were actually yet to run a show,so I waited patiently for them to make their debut so I could sample the type of show I’d be in store for when I attended their Cardiff. Not an awful lot struck a chord with me from the show other enjoying a fantastic main event between Shane Strickland and Travis Banks,in the week that followed Lucha Forever plugged on their social media they had another show coming up the following weekend “Lucha Live #1” which was to be headlined by a tag team match between CCK, Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos,a team I vaguely remembered from the Lucha Forever debut show against Los Gueros Del Cielo, Angelico and Jack Evans. The show was solid but I think my viewing suffered somewhat from my lack of familiarity with most of the card,however I went in to the main event with a curious optimism, I was not to be disappointed.

What proceeded to take place was not only one of my favourite CCK or Kid Lykos matches, but one of my absolute favourite matches full stop and what I would consider to be the catalyst for me becoming the indy wrestling fan I am today. The whole show is available on Youtube here HERE and this match is around the 1:08:30 mark, following the show I tweeted at Lucha Forever in the hope that CCK would be at the Cardiff show (at this stage having absolutely having no clue what an integral part of the teams lineage Cardiff and the Cathays Community Centre held) I was told they would be part of the show and suddenly my excitement shifted from top international names and CCK were at the forefront of my wrestling fandom. I would later find out at they would be challenging for the CZW Tag Team Championship’s at a later show,I remember feeling like this was a really big deal as new to the scene I was familiar with CZW despite my limited knowledge at the time. Lykos and Brookes would go on to capture the CZW Tag Titles from Scarlett & Graves, (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier) at Lucha Forever’s “Catch Me Outside” the title run may not of panned out as many would of liked it too but for me it was just another step to drawing me in to the British scene and beyond,again with CCK playing an integral role in that. It was in the following days that my new found appreciation for the problem child of Professional Wrestling and the Calamari Catch King would open my eyes to many more wrestlers and a whole promotion I was unaware of, PROGRESS. On the Sunday afternoon I began to see many tweets of excitement that CCK had showed up in the Ballroom, I had absolutely no clue what this meant, so did a little research to discover that PROGRESS Wrestling had just run a 3 day wrestling tournament Super Strong Style 16. Intrigued by what I had discovered I signed up to Demand PROGRESS on the back of some sort of CCK appearance and what sounded like a few fun shows, and as brief as CCK’s input on the weekend was it opened my eyes to a ton of talent I was unfamiliar such as David Starr, Jeff Cobb, Morgan Webster and Flamita, allowed me to see a totally different side to British Strong Style and continued to allow me to see the talents of Travis Banks of whom I was also becoming a huge fan of.

Show day arrived and I was really hyped, CCK had been announced to be defending the CZW Tag Team Championships against the Swords Of Essex, names I was familiar with such as Banks, Starr, Webster and Dan Moloney were also announced to be competing. What followed was a few hours that solidified me as a huge fan of the British wrestling scene, it was hot, it was cramped, but it was fantastic, the whole card didn’t disappoint but the one match I hoped would steal the show and it did. The CCK vs Swords Of Essex match was unbelievable and I had never witnessed anything like it in person, I was hooked. From here I discovered Attack Pro Wrestling, ran shows in Cardiff and in the coming months I attended many of their Bingo Hall and Walkabout shows and they would go on to be my favourite promotion. One of these shows was a Survivor Series tie-in show in Cathays,the third match on this show would become my favourite Kid Lykos match and the match I have the fondest memories of being able to experience in person, Kid Lykos vs “Flash” Morgan Webster for the Attack Pro Wrestling Championship, despite Lykos coming up short the match was sensational and really showcased just how talented he really was,I remained loyal to the cause despite the chants of sh*t wolf no fans, I went with sick wolf one fan and cheered on my favourite wolf in his championship chase.

CCK are a huge part of why I am the wrestling fan I am today and opened my eyes to multiple promotions and many of the talented wrestlers I have become huge fans of today. As a fan of Lykos it has been tough to see someone with such talent and passion for the wrestling business have to sit on the sidelines and have welcomed each return to the ring with optimism and excitement. Even if the in ring action got more sporadic Lykos always delivered and even if he wasn’t competing at shows he always brought something to them whether it was supporting Brookes from ringside or being an absolute class act at the merch tables,who has always made an effort to make fans feel welcome and appreciated. I have decided not to dwell on the negatives surrounding the injures too much and decided to highlight what made me a fan of Lykos and CCK and how they reignited my passion for professional wrestling and helped me discover Attack which has also become a huge part of my life as a wrestling fan. I will round things out by listing my top 10 favourite Kid Lykos matches.

Top 10 Kid Lykos Matches.

1. Attack Pro Wrestling Championship – Kid Lykos vs “Flash” Morgan Webster, 19/11/17

2. CCK vs Martin Kirby & Naoki Tanizaki. ATTACK! Press Start VI Night 2, 16/6/2018

3. CCK vs Los Gueros Del Cielo. Lucha Forever Lucha Live #1, 23/4/2017

4. CCK vs Aussie Open. ATTACK! Sunglasses After Dark, 22/7/2017

5. CCK vs Swords Of Essex. Lucha Forever All Rise, 18/6/2017

6. CCK vs Akira Tozawa & Meiko Satomura. Fight Club: PRO Project Tokyo, 7/1/2019

7. 10 Team Tag Team Gauntlet Match. Chikara King Of Trios 2017 Night 3,3/9/2017

8. Attack Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship-CCK vs Aussie Open, ATTACK! The Neon Wristlock, 16/7/17)

9. CCK vs Crummels & Defarge. Chikara Once Upon A Beginning, 5/4/2019

10. CCK vs Jonah Rock & Mark Davis vs Moustache Mountain vs The Brusiermates, Fight Club: PRO Big Strong Bois, 27/7/2018