Thank You Bryan Danielson

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This article is very tough to write. I wanted to write this earlier in the week but I had to many raw emotions and too many thoughts to put into one piece but after a few days, I am finally able to write this piece.This past week, Bryan Danielson, his WWE ring name Daniel Bryan, retired after 15 years due to concussion issues. It was a very sad moment at the time since Danielson was a fan favorite among everybody and was one of the best technical wrestlers of all time. Bryan Danielson worked everywhere from small time indy companies, to Ring of Honor, to Chikara, to Japan and other countries, and finally culminating in Japan. He brought back mat wrestling and made it popular again. Danielson was a great wrestler and in this article I will thank him for all he has done.

Thank you Bryan Danielson for bringing back mat wrestling. For a long time, people in the indy promotions and major companies stopped using mat wrestling and limb work. They may work a hold every once in a while but it was never mainstream again after it was a major part of the business for decades. Bryan Danielson really brought back mat wrestling and limb work with his many submissions and his ability to sell the limb work that is done to him by his opponents. He was part of the revolutionary indy scene that broke out in the early 2000’s. He was a founding father of Ring of Honor wrestling which has grown to be the biggest independent wrestling promotion right now. He was able to give prestige to Ring of Honor by going out there and having great, classic matches with wrestlers like Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and with his very notable rival Nigel McGuiness. He was able to have classic matches with all these wrestlers because they all, and especially Danielson, mixed great mat and limb work with a bit of high flying. They would all go out their and have half hour matches and hour long draw matches that is very rare in today’s wrestling. Bryan Danielson was one of the pioneers that started that trend of long, classic matches. Bryan Danielson has shaped the indy scene as we see it today and we need to thank him for that because without him, there may not be an indy scene.

Thank you Bryan Danielson for making us fans believe that any ordinary guy can be a professional wrestler. Bryan Danielson has always been labeled a short guy and he has always had that regular guy look. He looked like he could be a guy you work with or a friend. Bryan Danielson for most of his career has stood at 5’8 and just under 200 pounds. The wrestling business is full of giants and most of the time these giants are the one’s that go on to become world champions and make it to the big leagues. But, Bryan Danielson showed everybody that you could be small or skinny and look ordinary and you could still succeed and be a great professional wrestler. Bryan Danielson also didn’t have much charisma. He will never go down as one of the best talkers but he did have heart and determination and was a pretty funny guy. Due to him having the heart and determination, whenever he talked it seemed like it was the truth and true emotion. This is what us wrestling fans want to see. Bryan Danielson loved this business all of his life and he loved the fans. He reached out to all the fans he could and talked to everybody he could. He wanted to make us happy and make us proud of him and his matches. He truly wanted to go out their everyday and wanted every fan in the building to be happy they saw the show. He is what every wrestler should strive to be lack.

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Thank you Bryan Danielson for retiring when you did. Bryan Danielson the past few years has had multiple medical problems. Some of these are simple like some arm injuries and other serious one’s like problem’s with his neck. Right after Bryan Danielson culminated his dream by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 30, he had to vacate the title three months later after only one title defense because of a problem with his neck. He had been having problems feeling his arm and lost some nerve damage and their was some problems with his neck. He had to take most of the year off. And finally when he came back, he only wrestled a few matches until he had to vacate the intercontinental title due to injury. This time, it was rumored it was his neck but nobody really know. And for a long time, WWE would not clear him to compete. Bryan Danielson kept asking them to clear him and went to multiple outside doctors and none would clear him to compete. We never knew why until this week when it was disclosed that it was due to concussions and a lesion on Danielson’s brain. This is the first major case where a professional wrestler has retired due to concussions. Sure, other older superstars had done it and some indy talents but never a mainstream and young superstar like Danielson. He set precedent by telling other people that you could do all their is to do in wrestling or you could love this business but if you get too many concussions or a life threatening injury then you need to retire, no matter your company or age. Bryan Danielson had a good 10 years left or more if it wasn’t due to the concussions but Bryan Danielson realized that his health is more important to him than wrestling. He loved this business and he will still be involved in some capacity but thank you Bryan Danielson for giving us a precedent and show other wrestlers that it’s ok to retire and hang up your boots to stay healthy.

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Bryan Danielson has done so much for us fans. He gave us everything he had every night. He would go out there and risk his body by doing stiff limb and mat work and mixing it with an high flying offence to give us a great performance. He would wrestle 5 or 6 nights a week and sometimes, more than once in a night just to entertain as many fans as he could. Bryan Danielson shouldn’t tell us he’s sorry. We were given great performances by him night after night for years. We never truly appreciated Bryan Danielson until now that he is retired. He will truthfully go down as one of the best wrestlers of all time and Thank you Bryan Danielson for giving us everything you had. We will never forget what you did for us.


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