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British Indy companies put on great shows with outstanding matches creating a beautiful atmosphere for today’s Indy wrestling fan but how can we help push things forward? Unlike many other industries it really is the fans that can help push the British wrestling scene forward.

Tell a friend… hell tell everyone you know!

I bet you have memories of going around a friend’s house, setting up some mattresses and saying to hell with the ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ warnings and putting on to you what was a 5-Star main event before watching that nights WWF Pay-Per View and trying not to fall asleep when you started to hear the morning birds at 3am! I bet they still have a passing interest in professional wrestling once you’re a fan for life it just depends how much you wear that on your sleeve! Tell them about the Attitude Era style content you can see at Progress, Southside or IPW to name just a few, lend them a DVD and more importantly invite them to a show. Nothing will ever beat seeing a Indy show live and for no more then on average £12 a ticket a show which for a lot of shows that can even be front row seats and if that doesn’t get them hooked again I don’t know what will. Even offer to buy them the ticket as like anything that’s free people won’t say no and once introduced I’m sure they will be hooked like we are!

Buy some Merch (Wear it Proud)

Like it has been said ‘Merchin’ Ain’t Easy’ but we can make it easier. The more people wearing t-shirts out and about is all advertising for the shows and directly supports the wrestler who I’m sure appreciate that a great deal. I always like visiting the merch table to buy a wristband (I’m building one hell of a collection), an autograph or a T-Shirt which I will proudly wear out and about. Believe me there is nothing better than running into a fellow fan when both wearing Indy Tee’s as you have a friend for life in that moment! There is some really great merchandise out there like Defend! Indy Wrestling’s range, the limited Progress Tees always have great designs, Sumerian Death Squad has some unique looking merchandise and every show sells snapbacks and a range of their own merch. Even if it’s a quick hello and handshake to thank them for that night match as we all know wrestlers love knowing that what they are risking their bodies for is appreciated and will create a great friendly atmosphere for both the wrestler and the audience. The best thing about it you will get asked ‘Is that a wrestling shirt?’ and that’s how you have your chance to tell them about the world of Indy wrestling we love!
Head out on a Road Trip

We should all travel and see the world more but how much of even just the UK have you seen? Support the shows near you as much as you can like you will always see me at FPW, Progress and RPW but recently my girlfriend and I have made a point of travelling to shows like IPW and Southside and planning to head up to Scotland for a long weekend of action. Each trip provides us with great memories and you will be ensuring that word is spreading of each promotion and giving yourself a look at some wrestling you might not see anywhere else! I cannot wait to get to an Attack! Pro Wrestling or an ICW show! Let’s face it as well nothing beats a road trip! Make a playlist including wrestling themes, all your favourites and if you like do what I do and include Macho Man’s ‘Be a Man’ album. Load up on some snacks, book a cheap hotel and head out on the road. I always make sure to tweet a few people who are going and you will find fans willing to show you around and joke around with you at the shows or follow the first tip invite some mates and make a good weekend out of it! Then just like a new mother Facebook and Tweet the hell out of it and show just what a great scene the British Indy Wrestling is!

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed and send me any other tips or great stories you have from supporting Indy Wresting to @GeraintL

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