Super Strong Style 16: Preview Edition By Dave Green (@dagreeno)

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It’s that time of year again. PROGRESS Wrestling grabs the attention of the wrestling world by putting on their fifth annual 16-man tournament. For the second year in a row, the event takes place at the vast and echoey halls of Alexandra Palace. This year’s tournament is being quite the topic of discussion, but maybe not for the reasons the company would like it to be. Where are the regulars? Where are the Brits? Will NXT UK talent dominate proceedings? Just a few of the topics being chatted about. Another topic is the claim of the weekend hosting the “biggest match in PROGRESS history.” We’ll get on to that later. In the meantime, let’s go through the tournament entrants and the chances they have of winning the whole shebang. I will list their previous experience in PROGRESS and their history in tournaments, courtesy of the database that is I won’t list every single tournament they’ve been in, just the ones they did well in or were worthy mentions.

Before I continue, I am aware that many readers of this site might have an opinion that everyone associated with it has a negative opinion on PROGRESS. While some columnists and former podcasters of these pastures may indeed fit that description, I am generally in the opposite camp. I am a season ticket holder. I subscribe to the VOD. I am, I guess, an “Ultra”. However, this does not mean I am blind to the issues surrounding the company lately, nor am I someone who will crap on someone’s opinion if it is negative towards PROGRESS. This preview will contain opinions both negative and positive – but always truthful to what I believe. It’s fine if you disagree, but just bear in mind that it is one man’s opinion before you tweet me your bile.


Travis Banks

Previous SSS16 Experience: 2017 Winner
Previous Tournament Experience: Fight Club Pro Infinity 2016 Winner; WCPW Rest of the World Co-Winner; PWG BOLA 2017 semi-finalist; WWE UK Tournament 2018 finalist.

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 33

The only previous winner of the tournament in this year’s edition, Travis Banks is a constant highlight whenever he is on a PROGRESS show. He announced his entry into the tournament at Wembley and since his return, he’s yet to be pinned or submitted, a roll that technically he’s been on since he originally won the title, bar his loss to Walter. He seems to be a shoe-in for the finals, not just due to his current form but also due to his lackeys in NIWA and TK Cooper being by his side (though with their own schedules clashing, it’s unknown if both will be with him the whole weekend). A first round against DJZ seems to be one of the more definite results, with Banks most likely heading to quarter final against one of his many rivals in David Starr. If Banks wins that one, he is highly likely to make his second final in his second Strong Style.

Ilja  Dragunov

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: WXW 16 Carat 2016 quarter finalist, 2017 Winner, 2019 semi-finalist; PWG BOLA 2018 First round elimination.

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 76.

The man who many, especially me, were very much hoping would be in last year’s tournament ended up being talked about on Day 3 when the seeds were sewn for his debut against Pete Dunne at Hello Wembley. Since then, Ilja has become a semi regular. From the sounds of the different PROGRESS crowds he has performed in front of, it seems he is a lot more popular in the north than in the south. Camden hasn’t taken to him the way I would have liked, so I am hoping he gets the reaction he deserves at Ally Pally (though against the highly popular Chris Brookes, I may not get my wish). Always putting on an intense performance, he is another favourite to get to the finals due to his successful experience in three 16 Carats, though I cannot see him going any further than the semis.

Trevor Lee

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: FSPW Heavyweight Title tournament 2013 finalist; CWF Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup 2013 winner, 2014 semi-finalist; PWG BOLA 2014 semi-finalist, 2015 second round, 2016 finalist, 2018 semi-finalist; PWG DDT4 2015 winner (with Andrew Everett).

PROGRESS Debut: Making it this weekend.

Making his PROGRESS debut right after being signed to NXT, Trevor Lee brings a LOT of tournament experience. He’s displayed his stamina in long lasting matches and his quirky characteristics making him a dangerous competitor. He is in one of the more difficult opening round matches to choose a winner, but I doubt he will advance much further than the quarter finals due to the way the draw has gone (facing either Brookes or Dragunov).

Aero Star

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: AAA Copa Antonio Pena 2010 Winner; AA Rey de Reyes 2015 Finalist; Chikara King of Trios 2015 Winner (with Drago & Fenix); Chikara Rey de Voladores 2016 Winner

PROGRESS Debut: Making it this weekend.

The first big surprise announced for the tournament, Aero Star is only the second masked luchador to be a part of SSS16 (following the trail Flamita left in 2017). With plenty of tournament experience in many formats (not just the ones listed above), Aero Star brings a lot of knowledge to this tournament. His unique high flying style will certainly be a hit with the crowd, but with a tricky first round opponent in Lee, I can’t see him going far into the field of 16.

Artemis Spencer

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: ECCW Pacific Cup – 10 appearances, 4 semi-finals, four finals, 2010 winner.

PROGRESS Debut: Coast to Coast: Seattle

A man with a 16-year career makes his UK debut in this tournament. Many seemed bemused by this entrant, as many in this country are unfamiliar with him. I’ll be honest – so am I. I have seen one match featuring Arty, which is the four way from the Coast to Coast Seattle show. Having rewatched it, I’m fairly confident Spencer will make an excellent impression. He’s a great all-rounder – technical, strong strikes, high flying = perfect for PROGRESS. However, he has a near to impossible mountain to climb in David Starr in the first round, making it highly unlikely he’ll advance any further. But I can safely predict he’ll be getting a “please come back” chant.


Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: IWC Title tournament 2008 winner; IWA East Coast Zero G Crown 2008 Winner; IWC Super Indy IX winner; AIW Todd Pettengill Invitational 2011 Winner; AIW JT Lightning Invitational 2015/2016 semi-finalist; AAW Jim Lynam Memorial 2017/2018 semi-finalist.

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 85

The stats above don’t even begin to cover the wealth of tournament experience DJ Z brings to Super Strong Style. A 14-year veteran who has cheated death more than once, the former Zema Ion garnered favourable reactions on his appearances on recent PROGRESS shows. Although it was with mixed results, as he qualified for the tournament with a victory over Angelico, but lost to Eddie Dennis the following day. With a first round match against Travis Banks, I don’t see that momentum coming back. He’ll provide some entertaining moments over the weekend, as he is a tremendous hand.

Jordan Devlin

Previous SSS16 Experience: 2018 first round.
Previous Tournament Experience: WWE UK Title 2017 quarter finalist, 2018 quarter finalist; Riptide Brighton Championship Tournament quarter finalist; Fight Club Pro Infinity 2017 finalist, 2018 semi-finalist; WWE When Worlds Collide semi-finalist.

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 44

One of last year’s breakout performances was certainly that of Jordan Devlin. Those that knew of his talent were hardly surprised when the huge crowd over the course of last year’s weekend practically made Devlin their people’s champion. Mostly from an overhead kick to a beach ball. With his tremendous rivalries in OTT with Walter and David Starr, Devlin is scoring on all levels with his ability to adapt to just about every style. He qualified for this tournament with a strong win over Evolve Champion Austin Theory. He’s one of the main reasons to be watching NXT UK, with some amazing matches recently with Ligero, Travis Banks and Finn Balor (yes, I enjoyed it). But do you notice something in the tournament stats? No wins. Just about everyone else in the tournament this year has won at least one tournament in the past. Not Jordan. He is coming into this weekend on a run of form however, having won the last four of his last five singles matches in the company. One of them was a DQ win against potential finalist Travis Banks, whom he debuted against back in 2017. It seems their paths are often crossing these days, so to see a Banks vs Devlin final wouldn’t be a complete shock.

Chris Ridgeway

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: Bodyslam Ecstasy of Gold 2016 finalist; Vertigo Pro Cardiff Classic 2016 finalist; Wrestling League Grand Prix 2018 |Winner; PROGRESS Natural Progression Series V finalist; Tetsujin Shoot Style Stage 2 winner; Riptide Brighton Championship 2018 semi-finalist; IPW:UK Super 8 2018 winner; WXW Ambition 2019 semi-finalist.

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 58

It doesn’t feel all that long ago, but Chris Ridgeway debuted for PROGRESS 18 months ago and in that time he’s been quietly having some incredibly strong matches. Although he’s had mixed results, every time he’s lost his opponent has earned that win. While his challenge to Walter’s title reign may not have gone according to plan, he bounced back to defeat Spike Trivet to get into SSS16 and is still a very popular member of the roster. The reaction of the young lady in the crowd when Eddie Dennis teased he cash in on Ridgeway should he have won the title I’ll never forget. Her cry of “don’t you dare” demonstrated how beloved Ridgeway has become. He’s certainly a crowd favourite for this tournament, even if he has a tremendous opponent to go against in the first round. I have faith that he can get past the challenge of Kyle O’Reilly and maybe get to the semis for a rematch of his banger with Devlin a few months back. It might not be realistic, but I have faith in Riddy.

Chris Brookes

Previous SSS16 Experience: 2018 first round
Previous Tournament Experience: Fight Club Pro Infinity 2014 winner; VII Pro British Lions 2015 winner; Fight Club Pro DTTI 2017 winner (with Kid Lykos), 2019 Finalist (with Kyle Fletcher); Chikara King of Trios 2017 quarter finals; WXW World Tag League 2018 finalist (with Jonathan Gresham)

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 50

I’ll be honest with you – I’m not a huge Chris Brookes fan. I don’t dislike him, he’s always watchable in the ring, great mind for outside the box thinking as demonstrated by his input into Tuesday Night Graps, and his tag matches with the likes of Gresham, Lykos and Banks are nearly always great. But as a singles act, he leaves me a bit cold. I don’t find myself invested. I am definitely in the minority. An incredibly popular guy for the PROGRESS crowd, he’s a sentimental favourite mostly due to the recent retirement of his favourite wolf Kid Lykos. It’s going to be interesting if he can parlay that sentiment into success against Ilja Dragunov in the opening round. The main thing that confuses me with Brookes is what is his alignment – is he good or bad? The recent match of CCK vs LAX saw Brookes & Gresham get a cheap win to set up a trios match (which probably won’t be happening now), but the Ultras probably won’t let that change their adulation of the Calamari Catch King.

Darby Allin

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: DEFY 8xGP Title tournament 2017 semi-finalist; Style Battle #7 winner; F1rst VFW Title tournament 2018 semi-finalist; AAW Jim Lynam Memorial 2018 quarter finalist.

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 66

Darby Allin comes into this year’s tournament in the Joey Janela spot – the import that isn’t going to win but will probably do something crazy. While just about everyone in the crowd will be anticipating whatever stunt he pulls, I’ll be worrying and hoping he doesn’t recklessly hurt himself. Not much else to say here. He’s against the one guy I really wanted to see him against in the first round and I can’t see him advancing much further.

Paul Robinson

Previous SSS16 Experience: Lost a qualifier to Jack Sexsmith in 2017.
Previous Tournament Experience: IPW:UK Extreme Measures 2006 semi-finalist; British Wrestling United U23 title tournament 2006 finalist; PROGRESS Natural Progression Series 1 finalist; FPW Tag Title tournament 2014 winner (with Will Ospreay); ACW Title Tournament 2017 Winner.

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 3

As the man in the tournament with the longest tenure in the company, Robbo is somewhat of a sentimental favourite, which I’m sure he would hate to hear. His return to action in PROGRESS was one of my personal highlights on last year. Not only is he ridiculously good, but he’s one of the few BritWres villains that actually wants to be a villain. Any moment where it seems the crowd are appreciating his efforts, he turns it around to make the boos reign down upon him. His block of matches sees him against Darby Allin and possibly facing the winner of Ridgeway/O’Reilly. A tough block, but even though I have faith in Ridgeway, the Essex boy in me wants my county-mate to go all the way through to the finals.


Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: DTU Alto Impacto Title tournament 2010 finalist; AAA Fusion Title tournament 2013 finalist

PROGRESS Debut: Making it this weekend.

To say this is another out of left field participant would be an understatement. Another Mexican entrant, another UK debutant, Daga is another all-rounder in terms of his skill level. Known best for his turns in Lucha Underground and MLW, he’s another one who’s hybrid skills will be enjoyable to watch, but will he stand out to the crowd? He also brings the least tournament experience (at least according to Cagematch), so it seems the odds are against Daga to advance far.

David Starr

Previous SSS16 Experience: 2017 first round; 2018 quarter finalist
Previous Tournament Experience: PPW Title tournament 2013 winner; Beyond Tournament for Tomorrow 4 finalist; WXW World Tag League 2016 winner (with Shane Strickland), 2017 finalist (with Jurn Simmons); CZW Best of the Best 17 Winner, 18 finalist; WXW 16 Carat 2018 finalist; IWC Super Indy 17 Finalist; Defiant Ringmaster 2018 finalist; Rev Pro British J Cup semi-finalist

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 49

Well well well. What a year this man is having so far. And it’s not even much to do with what he’s doing in the ring. David Starr was always going to be a crowd favourite in this tournament. A wealth of tournament experience, having superb matches and having the crowd eating out of his hands no matter what role he is playing. But his promos are what everyone is talking about. Not only the incredible unfiltered opinion expressed towards Sinclair Broadcasting, but just this week in his incredible verbiage towards this very tournament. He expressed his disdain for PROGRESS claiming to have the biggest independent wrestling tournament due to their affiliation with WWE, something he recently expressed towards WXW during his “I quit” promo in New York. With his proclamation of being truly independent, he is building an “us vs them” mentality for his fan base to support him. It will be interesting how crowd reaction will be – if people will fully support Starr, will that show hypocrisy towards PROGRESS? The same company they claim to be Ultras for? Will Starr receive a backlash for trashing the promotion? It’s been discussed that PROGRESS have a hand in this promo, but they have not retweeted it, promoted it, commented it, nor was it filmed by their crew. In the space of a few days, David Starr has made himself the most intriguing participant in the tournament. A Starr/Banks quarter final seems to be a lock, so I will be very excited for who prevails and where Starr goes if he doesn’t end up victorious.

Lucky Kid

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: GWF European Tag Tournament 2016 Winner (with Tarkan Aslan); WCPW World Cup German Round winner; WXW 16 Carat 2019 winner

PROGRESS Debut: PROGRESS Germany Tour: Oberhausen

Qualifying over Tristan Archer at Chapter 87, Lucky Kid has a habit of doing well in tournaments. He’s started the year well, besting Walter in the finals of WXW 16 Carat, and his quirky character is already a hit with UK audiences. There are only two issues Lucky is facing going into this tournament. This will be his first action back after suffering an injury during the WXW New York show. And he has Jordan Devlin in the first round. Sadly, I can’t see Lucky repeating his 16 Carat success and he’ll spend the other days of the weekend trying to be involved in whatever Chris Brookes gets up to.

Kyle O’Reilly

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: ECCW Pacific Cup 2007 winner; ROH 2011 Top Prospect finalist; Saint Louis Anarchy Medallion Tournament 2012 winner; PWG BOLA 2013 winner; ROH Tag Wars 2014 winner (with Bobby Fish); NJPW Super Junior Tag 2014 winner (with Bobby Fish); NJPW BOSJ 2015 finalist

PROGRESS Debut: Making it this weekend

When the discussion was ongoing about who the big NXT name would be this year, I was adamant that there wouldn’t be another. With the number of overseas names already in the tournament, there couldn’t be room for another. Besides, we already had Trevor Lee and DJ Z as NXT signees, so no chance of another. How wrong I was. Everyone’s favourite wrestling air guitarist (sorry Bugenhagen fans) comes into this tournament a heavy favourite. But, here is where the WWE conundrum rears its ugly head – who is he allowed to lose to? IS he allowed to lose? Of course, last year NXT’s Kassius Ohno lost to NJPW’s Zack Sabre Jr in the final, so there can’t be that much of an issue, right? But let’s not forget that Ohno originally fell to NXT UK’s Tyler Bate. Looking at the brackets, O’Reilly wouldn’t face anyone under the circumstances until the semi-finals, so if we were to look at everything from the political point of view, O’Reilly has a clearer path through the tournament than most. I’m really hoping that’s not the case. I’d love to see a first round upset with Ridgeway going over, but it’s hard to get past the idea that the guy off the network will competitively breeze through the opening rounds.

Kyle Fletcher

Previous SSS16 Experience: None
Previous Tournament Experience: Newcastle Pro Wrestling Kings of the Castle 2017 finalist (with Snapchad, wrestling as Instagraham – I’m not making this up); Fight Club Pro DTTI 2018 Finalist (with Mark Davis), 2019 finalist (with Chris Brookes)

PROGRESS Debut: Chapter 54 (dark match)

The final announced entrant was a pleasant surprise. Coming off the heels of the feud between Aussie Open and the Swords of Essex, the story is that Mark Davis convinced JJG to put Kyle into the tournament, as Davis had already won the Natural Progression Series. Although synonymous with tag team wrestling, Kyle is an undoubted future superstar is whatever division he should be in. He’s had some stellar solo outings recently, in particular against Trent Seven, and against Daga in the first round, this should be no different. I think he’ll get to the quarter-final but won’t get past Devlin. Maybe something will happen that results in a tag title match on Day 3?

Phew – that was a lot to process, so thank you for staying with me and much obliged that you are still reading. So essentially, the tournament is most likely going to revolve around the NXT UK signees. Spencer, DJ Z and Lucky Kid are the only people with no chance of getting by the first round, as the men they are facing are the odds on favourites to win the whole thing. In Banks, you have to bad guy that can get the job done and has his crew to back him up should he need them. Sounds a bit like 2017 finalist Tyler Bate, no? Who lost to Travis Banks. That would be some fitting story telling. Starr’s story would be intriguing viewing too, as his side of the bracket has no less than five WWE affiliated wrestlers to potentially go through. The OTT fans in attendance would also relish the idea of a Starr/Devlin final. An outside bet could certainly be placed on Robinson, Ridgeway & Brookes as potential finalists. It’s very wide open field.

But herein lies another conundrum – where are the regulars? In this field we have 4 making their PROGRESS debut, 12 making their Super Strong Style debut, eight who are regulars and three Brits. The tournament used to include the vast majority of regulars with a few visitors from other shores. On the more positive side of things, this truly is a tournament that probably can’t happen at any other time than right now. Using the NXT UK wrestlers alongside independents and, in the case of Allin, AEW signees probably won’t be allowed in the near future. So I’ll enjoy it for what it is and worry about the aftermath another time.

Speaking of regulars, there is the story of Do Not Resuscitate, the faction that is not a faction but a group of individuals with one purpose (so…a faction). Drew Parker, Chuck Mambo, William Eaver and Spike Trivet take on the PROGRESS Millionaire’ Club of Mark Haskins, Mark Andrews, [El] Ligero and Jimmy Havoc on Day 2 in a no dq match. This feud has been brewing for five months and I personally think it’s been given a lot of harsh criticism. DNR may not have looked golden at every turn, but they get reactions (especially Trivet) and Eaver is thriving in this role. I’m finding him very entertaining and it’s a character that could easily shift into a good guy role whenever he sees fit. The old guard are still popular enough within the PROGRESS faithful, but with the unfortunate timing of Eddie Dennis’ injury (get well soon, Eddie!) means we won’t get to see the dynamic between him and Andrews and how that would have played out. I’m thinking the feud must end here, as Jimmy Havoc is off to pastures new after Day 3 and Drew Parker is spending a long time with Big Japan, so he won’t be around. Maybe DNR turn on him if the result doesn’t go their way? Quite shocking when you think about it how none of these eight men are in the tournament though.

The women’s division will get some focus over the weekend as well, and hopefully not in the second match of the evening spot. On Day 2, Jinny and Martina will put an end to their multi-promotion rivalry to see who gets the last spot in the Women’s Title four way on Day 3. This is in spite of both having lost in their qualifiers to Nina Samuels and Millie McKenzie respectively. If I were regulars such as Laura Di Matteo, Candy Floss or Charlie Morgan, I’d be rather annoyed with PROGRESS for not considering them for the spot. As for the title match, defending champion Jordynne Grace makes her long overdue return to the UK to defend the title for the first time on these shores since she won it. A few seem to be annoyed that Grace hasn’t been around to defend the title. Hardly fair when Matt Riddle did much the same as Grace when he won the Atlas title, but I digress. I could see Jinny winning the title back again on this occasion, taking advantage of the four way rules thus protecting Grace from taking the fall but still losing the title. Ultimately, the crowd would be very up for a McKenzie reign and a win here would be a great moment – as long as there’s a story to follow on from that moment.

Day 3 also sees the traditional Hangover Scramble match (not a Wasteman Challenge this year, tellingly). Of course a lot of the eliminated tournament entrants will end up here, but I’d quite like to see some fresh blood pop u for this. Sugar Dunkerton and The Anti-Fun Police would be perfect for this, as would Martina – hangover, people, it’s written in the stars. The aforementioned final PROGRESS match for Jimmy Havoc will also happen. With the release of a certain video, people seem to be anticipating a certain Jon Moxley to turn up, but I hardly think that feasible. I won’t even begin to predict who the opponent would be (I would advise people not to get their hopes up, that way you can’t get disappointed), but as long as Havoc gets to go out to I Hope You Suffer, then the crowd will be happy.

Finally, it’s the biggest match in PROGRESS history……? Walter defends the World Championship; Trent Seven defends the Atlas Championship; Title Unification match! So technically, in terms of titles then yes, it is the biggest. But it doesn’t feel like it. Walter is of course the final boss of wrestling. Undefeated since winning the title at Chapter 74, the seemingly invincible Austrian is doing what he did during his Atlas reign – putting on great title defences, with little to no feuds. Trent Seven retired Doug Williams at Chapter 76, winning the Atlas Championship and doing what Trent does best – defend the title with a mixture of comedy and hard hitting, but also with little to no feuds. Read that again – the main singles champions of the biggest independent wrestling promotion in Britain have had no feuds during their reigns. But aside from a sportsmanlike rivalry between Walter and Matt Riddle trading the title, the only person that made proper attempts to be Atlas Champion through nefarious means was Mikey Whiplash, way back in 2016 when the title was first formed. And that story was done with after one match. And the last feud that was over the World Title was between Banks and Walter.

So the challenge is made at Chapter 84 – only three chapters ago. I have no issue with it being a unification match. It’s long been said that the Atlas title has served its purpose, since people that only just scraped into the weight limit were getting title shots far too regularly (Joseph Conners? Seriously?). With Walter absent until Ally Pally, the ball was in Trent’s court to get a story going. Chapter 87 saw one of the most unusual segments seen at PROGRESS, as Trent is interviewed about the match. Trent paints the picture that he is the man that’s always at the shows, while Walter took weekends off (referring to the Bournemouth/Birmingham weekend shows) and that he was disrespectful by vacating the Atlas title a year ago to go after the World Title. This is where things got lost for me. First of all, disrespecting titles was what British Strong Style was all about at the beginning. Their whole reasoning for wanting titles in PROGRESS was to improve their standing so they could sign with the big companies, and use the belts (or shields at the time) to sign their contracts on. Also, didn’t Trent use to thrown down and kick around their title shields until they were given belts? He then goes on to say that it was disrespectful to former Atlas Champions Rampage Brown, Matt Riddle and Doug Williams……who Trent seems to have forgotten would never have held the title had Walter not relinquished it in the first place. Inaccuracies and hypocrisy aside, Trent creates the story that he is the underdog against the big bad Walter that no one thinks has a chance to win. If it had left as that, I’d have enjoyed that interview a lot more personally. But the crowd seemed to get into it, so maybe I’m alone on that particular island.

I have no doubt the match will be stellar. Trent is having a run of really good matches everywhere he goes at the moment, and I daresay we won’t see comedy Trent is this one. The main thing that interests me here is this – Walter is WWE UK Champion. Does he have the condition known as #PeteWinzLOL? Wherever the Bruiserweight went while he was champion, he could not lose. No matter the importance of the match, how many were in the match or who his opponent was (he still couldn’t lose to Tyler at Unboxing, for goodness sake). Now Walter is in the same position, is he allowed to lose a straight one on one match? History would state yes – he just lost the OTT Championship to Jordan Devlin, fellow NXT UK star. Can fellow NXT UK star Trent Seven also beat Walter? Absolutely. He’s done it before. A tag title match in Boston in 2017 saw Trent pin Walter clean. This forthcoming match will be the first time they have met in a singles match and the standing of Walter has changed significantly since then. But if Walter can’t lose to another contracted guy, who can he lose it to? I’m making a bold prediction that Trent will come out on top in this one and become the first man to win every title he’s eligible for in PROGRESS.

Thanks for reading. If you’re going to Ally Pally, have fun and say hi if you see me. If you’re not, I’ll be keeping the Twitterverse up to date via The Indy Corner account, so follow that and myself. And of course, don’t be a…well, you know the rest.

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