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Added by Kris Travis

Bonjour! So The Indy Corner have apparently lost their minds and want me, Kris Travis to write a weekly column. For those people who aren’t familiar with me (and if not why not?) I’m a professional wrestler in the UK and have been for the last 12 years. It’s fair to say I’ve been around the block and wrestled some of the best the UK and the world has to offer and also some of the worst! If any of you lucky people follow me on twitter (@RealKrisTravis) you will indeed know that I’m not the type of person to mince my words or not get my point across, so don’t expect any fence sitting from this columnist.

So with this in mind, what should I write my first column on? Positive aspects of the UK scene? Negative aspects? Unshockingly (is that even a word?) I’m going to focus on something negative which has been getting to me a little recently and that is the state of A LOT of the British guys bodies. Now I’m no bronzed adonis, I have a LONG way to go before I’d say I have a great body, but I think you can tell that I at least make the effort to hit the gym, make the effort to look the part, and make the effort to look like a wrestler. Now a lot of shit is given to the skinny kick pad wearing guys on the UK scene and rightly so. Obviously the crowd come and want to see larger than life characters and not spotty teenagers wearing T-shirts! However I’m going to focus on the opposite end of the spectrum, and it’s something which seems to be a lot more accepted and I genuinely don’t know why. Fat guys!! Fat out of shape wrestlers who huff and puff around the ring, looking like whales in singlet. Now not only do these guys just look like fat messes but they also make the athletic guys stuff look horrendous.

Picture the scene, I’ve just bumped my ass off for the last 10 minutes to make all the fat guys offence look amazing. Doing all the work for him, then when it’s time for the good guys chance to shine, the fat slob takes every move you give him shit, takes an age to get up and in the process not only makes the match look terrible but more importantly makes YOU look terrible. The guy who has just given everything to drag your fat as through a passable match!

These fat guys are usually the ones complaining about the “skinny kick pad wearing guys” not looking like wrestlers! Well wrestling has evolved, wrestling is now an athletic sport, wrestling requires skill, cardio, strength and conditioning. Now whenever I am against a clear out of shape fat guy I say the same stuff. The match is going 8 minutes and we are doing fuck all. That isn’t me being lazy, that’s me, making sure this fat buffoon doesn’t end my career. I see more and more out of shape fat guys in the ring and it’s becoming a problem in my eyes. In my opinion, it’s something training schools need to stamp out at early levels by offering work out and nutritional advice!!

Rant over guys! Haha until next time.


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