Straight Shootin’ With The Shooting Star #2

Added by Kris Travis

Picture credit: Brett Hadley/Southside Wrestling

So today is Monday…. It’s been a tough old weekend for a number of reasons! The PCW weekender always has a lot of stories and drama, but this weekend really did take the biscuit. So let’s go back to the start….. Friday night at PCW in Preston, myself vs someone I know VERY well and that was Martin Kirby. Now everyone knows Kirby and myself are a team up and down the country, however in PCW we are two separate performers so this one had quite the unique flavour to it. I’m proud to say that the match went very well and we both gave it everything in an all out war…. I came out on top but only just! Kirby is such an amazing performer and he deserves nothing but praise…. Without this guy I’m genuinely on such a lower level as a performer. Day 2 was myself vs Mike Bennett w/Maria…. Now let me just start out by saying Maria is perhaps the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life….. Genuinely stunning and an amazing person to boot. Her bf and ROH star Bennett was also an amazing guy and me and him went out and had one of my favourite matches in a long time. We had everything…. A little humour…. Story…. And some innovative near falls at the end. The guy is genuinely such a great wrestler and I expect him to go on to even bigger and better things!

Saturday night was myself vs Big Dave Mastiff! This was always going to be a big challenge as Dave is as agile as he is a monster! We had a few time constraints because the show was running over slightly, but in my opinion we went out there and in the 10 minutes we had we had an all out war! However this time I came up short and lost my place in the Road To Glory tournament.

Upto this point the weekend was amazing….. However disaster was to strike….. Lionheart and AJ Styles went out and had an incredible match! Lionheart wins and then AJ hits him with the Styles clash……. We all know what happened next, Lionheart got his head caught upside down and broke his fucking neck. Now storyline wise Lionheart an myself have had quite a rivalry and hate one another….. In reality this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Lionheart is one of my best friends in the wrestling business and someone who I look up to both inside and outside of the ring. Genuinely one of the strongest mentally and someone who is iron willed. So seeing this guy who is normally so strong, not being able to move and the fear in his eyes…. Lemme say that it won’t ever leave me. I was probably more of a mess than Lion tbh, he stayed strong all the way through this and his thoughts weren’t about his own well being, but about his wife and how she would feel and react. Utter class act and someone I am proud to call a friend even more so now. Myself, Noam and Fludder all stayed with Lion until he fell asleep and then we got thrown out of the hospital ward by a jobsworth  bloody nurse!

So with only 2 hours sleep and a lot weighing heavy on my mind, I headed down to Cambridge to take on Ciampa for the ROH TV Title at Southside! People were expecting us to tear the house down, and I was very nervous about this. All I could think about was ” what happens if something goes wrong?, what happens if I injure myself, what happens if I injure him?!?” now I have never ever thought about this before… And when the reality hits you of just how dangerous this business is, then it’s a scary situation to be in! With a sold out crowd and ROH TV filming I needed to man up and regain my composure, hearing that Lionheart was sat up and could move his arms and legs also lifted a heavy load from my feeble shoulders. I’m happy to repot that myself and Ciampa went out and did indeed tear the house down, had one of my favourite matches this year and most importantly we were both fine! I think at this point it’s time we all step back and realise we aren’t super human, we aren’t super Heros from tv. We are human beings and one simple mistake could be the difference between living and dying….. Between walking home and being in a wheelchair. The risks need to be more limited, and the crowd maybe have to expect less of us. We are just like everyone else….. Taking one bump is like being in a car accident, that’s proven! So next time someone doesn’t do 100 neck bumps…. Next time someone messed up…. Think about if they are ok, think about if it’s all been worth it. Think about US?

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