Starting From The Bottom Week Two

Added by Matt Bayliss

Tonight was my second week at the Kamikaze Pro Dojo, my body had just about recovered from last week and it has cone around again.

I very nearly didn’t go, I’ve had a tooth ache and probably an infection in my gum for most of the last week and my 10 hour shift today was probably the worst its been. Copious amounts of antibiotics, paracetemol and ibruprofen seemingly had no effect, so it crossed my mind that going home was probably my best option. However, two things changed my mind, firstly despite how battered I felt for most of the last week I had really enjoyed my first session and got quite a buzz from it (as did most my colleagues from seeing me shuffling around for days – you could say like a Grandad … More on that later) The second thing was remembering something I wrote last week about “factors” or excuses stopping me from doing things, and I realised I’d just be letting myself down. So I decided to man up and get on with it.

Once again, the warm up nearly did me in – testament to just how unfit I am – although we definitely did a lot more squats this week and I handled them much better (note I said BETTER I definitely did not handle them WELL) The lowest point being that apparently my body has forgotten how to do forward and backward rolls since last week, culminating in a lot of pain somewhere in my stomach where I didn’t know muscles existed!!

The group then split two, our beginners group went over some of the stuff from last week – some bits of which my mind and body could remember and execute better than other bits! Pete Dunne was on hand to give us pointers and motivation as well as encouraging us to hit harder. We did some extra drills to take things a bit further which was good. Whilst doing clotheslines and shoulder tackles i definitely found it easiest working with a guy called Craig as we’re similar in size, in height at least, and I think we were both more confident to leather and be leathered by one another. Pete also encouraged us to make more noise, this worked in my favour since a lot of the noises I was making were completely involuntary so I could just let them out.

Then we started to learn some grappling, first from Pete then Ryan Smile took over and taught how to move into a snapmare, and how to take a snapmare too. Given my earlier failings with forward rolls I was a little apprehensive but apparently my body can handle more of a flip than a roll – who knew?? Of course this could just be down to adrenaline or even due to marking out for taking a move off Ryan!

On that point actually, most people who have read my other columns will know how highly I rate both Pete and Ryan so getting trained by them is a buzz in itself. They are two very different characters which works really well as we get different perspectives and insight into everything.

The session finished up with promos, I had heard they did these in the first session but I had never done anything like it before, its something that is way outside my comfort zone! We got paired off and given simple instructions and a couple of minutes to prepare. Nobody seemed overly keen, so it was a good job Kamikaze Pros own resident chav, Marshall X, was there to lead off. In spite of it being a struggle for most of us everyone came out with some really good stuff and caused a lot of laughs.

Anybody that knows me through work knows I have been encouraged to be more of a “presence” and I have (half) jokingly reworded this into the need to be more of a prick. At work I have developed more confidence and I speak in front of people regularly, but that is a “character” for work, it is definitely not my natural persona. So standing in front of people I don’t really know to cut my first ever promo is not very comfortable!

I was helped however by my partner for the exercise, Omari – who is only 17 but towers way above me! Neither of us really knew what to say so we didn’t really prepare anything, fortunately for me he stepped up first and said I was old enough to be his Grandad (a tad harsh but funny all the same!) so when I got up it gave me something to play off and I actually enjoyed it in the end.

Through all this I either didn’t have or didn’t notice any pain in my mouth, admittedly it will probably come back with a vengeance tomorrow and join forces with the rest of the pain I’ll no doubt be feeling but it actually allows this column to end with a moral of sorts! Basically never give up or let things stand on your way. Nice to end this on a positive before the pain kicks in!

Thank you to Pete, Ryan and James for making my little dream a reality, and of course thanks to Stu for continually posting my ramblings!!


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