Starting From The Bottom: Week Three

Added by Matt Bayliss

Tonight was my third session training at the Kamikaze Pro Dojo which saw a number of new faces in attendance. Good to see the class growing and people of all abilities coming along to join in.

My survival of the warm up was my best result to date, proves that its helping and my body is getting used to it more and more. Now if Pete and Ryan read this I hope they don’t take it as an invite to make it even harder!!

Unfortunately, after the warm up when we moved onto some rolls, the pain I experienced last week from a muscle in my stomach came back … and then some!!! I sat out for a bit before finishing the rest of the drill that didn’t require rolling. I tried again in the next drill and ended up in even more pain so ended up sitting out again. Its a weird mixed feeling of embarrassment and disappointment for not being able to take part fully but i genuinely felt like I’d been stabbed in the gut and subsequently have a lovely knot in the muscle! I am pretty sure my weight has contributed to this happening (if I didn’t need any other motivation to get in shape) and I’ll be doing lots of stretching and stuff between now and the next session to hopefully avoid a further recurrence so if anybody has any useful exercises or tips to help I will gladly listen!

After those drills we moved on to perfecting our lock ups and adding some aggression and fight to them too. From here Ryan took us through moving this into a headlock, paying attention to our form and making sure both people are hitting the right positions and stances so it looks the part. This part of the session was good, working with different people and getting the critique from Ryan was really helpful to me. Its easy to think like a headlock is simple, which it is really I guess but when you have to think about where you put your feet, how you hold your opponents head or react if you are on the receiving end as well as transitioning in and out of the position there is a lot more to think about. Ryan also explained about why its important to hold your opponents head up in terms of story telling, so the crowd can see their reaction from as many angles as possible, this also lead to a conversation about generally how you should carry yourself in the ring.

The session finished with Promos again, this is something I am already gaining more confidence with, although character creation and development is my next challenge. More of the Grandad angle came out so I’m thinking this is the most straightforward character path to go down which could be quite good fun. Most the guys stood up and turned out some really good stuff, its a great environment to learn in and there is a load of support for everybody including feedback afterwards. Marshall X finished off the session with a quick promo, he definitely sets the benchmark for the rest of us with a great character and free flowing promos.

So that’s my third week in the books, I may not make it next week as I am away on a 3 day training course from work and as yet I am not sure on the practicality/possibility of getting back. I don’t want to miss a week as I have a lot to learn and develop and don’t want to slip back at all.

Thanks as always to everyone involved in the training and looking after us, and hopefully I’ll be able to make up for my shortcomings in future weeks


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