Starting From The Bottom: Week Six

Added by Matt Bayliss

In truth, there is no week six…. I was unable to attend training tonight as I was away at meetings, I even sat out the Uhaa Nation seminar at Pro Wrestling Kingdom on Friday as I am nowhere near 100% still. If I am honest I think the last time I was near 100% it was about 2005, a Sunday I think …..

So, in terms of my journey there is nothing really to write about. That being said I still watched the seminar with Uhaa who was incredibly patient with everyone and was always offering advice and pointers. The class for the seminar was made up of a wide range of people, some I know from the Kamikaze Pro Dojo and some I have seen in the ring elsewhere, and some who I have never seen before. There is a real sense of “family” though in the wrestling business and everyone pulled together and helped and supported one another, and it was nice, fun and educational to just sit and watch and I still learned a lot just from that. Everyone put a tonne of effort in and it was clear to see the benefit people got from it, even the warm up and drills were intense with everyone running the ropes and bumping in the ring, and it was good to see friends reaping the benefit of the opportunity.

Where I mentioned above about “family” don’t get me wrong or think I am naïve, I know very well that there is a whole load of bitching, back-stabbing and underhanded tactics in the business, but that’s not directly my concern and doesn’t really affect ME. Now, people can choose to read my work or listen to my reviews on the podcast, or not. They can choose whether they like what I have to say, or agree with me, or not. It doesn’t affect me. To be honest I actually prefer it if people question me or disagree, I think way, WAY back in probably my first ever “The way I see it….” column I described that as the beauty of being a wrestling fan, everyone sees things differently, everyone likes different things and that’s a great thing. Ripping down other promotions posters, or deliberately trying to sabotage other shows …. Not so great. But my columns are all about my opinions and experiences and I’m pleased to say that so far as my involvement goes I’ve not seen any of that sort of stuff, I try to focus on the positives and that’s how I see things. Hell, I’ve had 4 wrestling lessons (and managed to tear a stomach muscle doing a forward roll) so what right do I have to be critical of somebody’s ability? Yeah sometimes promotions get things wrong in what they do, mistakes happen, visions don’t materialise but there are always positives. I can honestly say in the time I have spent around Kamikaze Pro and Pro Wrestling Kingdom I have seen pure professionalism and hard work which has consistently paid off, and these are the places where my feeling of “family” are born out of and I have been welcomed in and got to know a lot of new people and learn about the business.

I still have no delusions of becoming a wrestler but I do really want to keep getting involved as much as I can and hopefully get more opportunities going forward.

To end on a high, I DID actually make it into the ring on Friday during the PWK show … To do the Gremlin dance with the always excellent Sebastian Radclaw. My personal highlight of an excellent, action packed show.

Thanks as always to everyone from Stu to Ryan to Bev to Pete and Sebastian and everyone else for the continued opportunities and making me feel welcome.


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