Starting From The Bottom: Week Five

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Editor’s note: Matt sent me this on June 3rd, I forgot it was in my inbox, which is why it’s a week late, apologies.

Picture Credit to Marc Lungley

After last weeks brief entry this weeks is dual pronged!! Tonight I returned to the Kamikaze Pro Dojo after missing the last two weeks injured, and on Saturday I had my second outing on commentary at Kamikaze Pros “Versus” show.

In addition to all this I have also been recording audio reviews for the podcast, right here at The Indy Corner!! My recording options are pretty crappy at the moment but I am looking at a solution to make my segments sound more professional. So things are moving fast in this little corner of my life, to be honest I’m just well pleased that I am getting opportunities to contribute!

On to matters at hand, I’ll start with training. I survived the warm up which is always a great feeling and motivational for the rest of the session. We did the same rolling drill that saw me come unstuck a couple of weeks ago, at this point i was quietly petrified, my stomach was FEELING better but I had no idea if it would be ok, I don’t really have many opportunities to rock some forward rolls on a daily basis. The first one I did iImade sure I was careful, got myself in position and remembered everything I’d been told and ….. Over we go!! As I finished I had a split second where I expected pain, but it wasn’t there, so I had a great feeling of relief and achievement! Anybody that knows me will know I am kinda round so (as my wife pointed out) you would think rolling would be easy! Relieved and feeling pleased with myself I then made a bit of a mess of my backwards roll but at that point I didn’t really mind!!

Everyone is progressing at different speeds and we all have strengths and weaknesses but as a group everyone gets on and supports one another which really helps with motivation and finding that little bit extra.

After the rolling drill we went through a series of drills for lock ups and head locks then moved on to practice a series of bumps – back, front, side and then flips. The fear of pain came back with the flip bumps but again it never materialised, although it did make me a bit hesitant which did affect how good my bumps were a bit, but again I think the relief outweighed it!

We did some more drills mixing cardio and bumps which were tiring but good and then we moved on to promos.

Promos are great fun, and I can see that people have put a lot of work into building their characters over the last few weeks and there’s a lot of banter between everyone which makes it highly amusing. For me personally, I am learning and developing slowly – it is quite a way out of my comfort zone. I think I need to prepare and plan a bit more and make sure I get everything in but its a learning curve and I feel like I am going the right direction.

After promos we re-ran the cardio/bumps drill and then sat back and watched the advanced class put on some mini matches. In every session it is hard not to watch what the advanced group are doing and hope that I will make it to that point eventually, in all honesty I am not sure I ever will but I am really enjoying what I am doing so it is hard to feel disheartened and I wont waste any time feeling that way.

As I said last week, there is more to wrestling than being the in ring talent, and at Versus on Saturday I got to don the headset again and call the action for the second half of the show, and what a show it was! The first half was great and it was nice to just watch as a fan – the match between Kid Fite and Robbie X in particular was awesome but Damian Dunne vs Kenny Williams was a hood opening encounter and the tag match of Dan Molony and Tyler Bate vs Joe Coffey and TJ Rage was a “proper” tag match. All four guys really impressed, it was good to hear the crowd behind Bate and Molony who rose to it well and Joe Coffey is a beast of a man!

So the second half rolled around and I took my place in the booth with Lawrie and GM Harvey Dale – who is somebody I really like so was quite an honour to work with him. Three great matches for the second half including a true battle between Ryan Smile and Kay Lee Ray – which started with Kay Lee diving through the ropes onto Ryan and into the commentary table! The main event was a big elimination match up so everyone was involved – which meant I got to talk about Tyler Bates moustache!

The “problem” I have when commentating is that I do get a little bit caught up in watching the action, so I am not sure I’ll be trusted with the ring bell again! My distraction did lead to some fun conversations about being smitten with Kay Lee Ray who was on the apron by the commentary desk, and in turn this lead to my admission that Bates moustache is actually only my SECOND favourite thing in wrestling, Kay Lee Ray being number one! Again I really enjoyed the opportunity and I am thankful for it, I hope I get the chance again at future shows.

So, in summary of my week in wrestling, Kamikaze Pro continues to do some great things and provides great things personally to me. It may not look like it but I am certainly a lot fitter than I was a few weeks ago and I am developing a lot more self confidence through everything I do.

I always seem to end these things quite soppy and thanking folk, but I do genuinely mean it and really appreciate the opportunities that are being handed to me whether it is writing a column or reviews, commentary or just learning the physical side of the business. It is great to feel a part of it!


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