Starting At The Bottom: Week Four

Added by Matt Bayliss

Slightly different and pretty brief this week since I have not been training – the pain in my stomach from the other week turned into a huge bruise and I am still getting some pain now so decided it was for the best to not risk training again this week. I was tempted to go all doom and gloom and write about the woes of being “on the shelf” but it dawned on me that that would be a bit depressing and incredibly melodramatic …

However … getting into wrestling is not all about throwing people around and bumping (well, it’s mostly about that) but there is more you can do. So on Sunday at Kamikaze Pros “Broken Down City” show I was offered the opportunity to commentate, which of course I jumped at!

Part of a 3 man booth I was mostly there for some observations but I definitely grew in confidence as the show went on. Not only was this a great show, how lucky am I that on my commentary debut I get to call a match between Ryan Smile – one of the best in the UK – and Juventud Guerrera – wrestling LEGEND!! I can’t wait to get the DVD and listen back to my performance although it will probably be a little cringe-worthy!

I am pretty proud of myself for not shouting VINTAGE at any point and I didn’t encourage anybody to download the WWE app so that shows some restraint – I may however have said “Slobberknocker” at one point but I’m not totally sure. The hardest bit for me though was not booing or cheering! I am hoping to get more opportunities going forwards; it is a great feeling to be a part of a wrestling show and to be contributing to something that I really care about.

Another missed opportunity to train before the show when the Dojo trainees had an in-ring session also had a silver lining since that meant there were several people I knew there to talk to beforehand which helped with nerves and they all offered their support too – there is a great camaraderie growing between everyone already which will hopefully help everyone to push on and do some great things, I am already seeing more confidence from the more quiet members of the class.

As always thanks to Stu for the column space and thanks to everyone involved at Kamikaze Pro for helping me fulfil all these little dreams that other people have told me are silly, especially James, Ryan, Pete and Lawrie as well as the support that I get from other people that I don’t even know that well including Sebastian Radclaw and Ross Jones


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