So What Is GRAPPL?

Added by Gareth Hodgson

What is GRAPPL?

GRAPPL is a new wrestling app which is available for free right now on App Store and Google Play. It’s a platform where you can easily rate the matches that you watch so you don’t need to keep spreadsheets or use notes any more.

It’s not just about you though…

GRAPPL has a live feed so you can see what ratings all other users are giving. As with other social media platforms you can follow other people, so if you only want to know what ratings your friends or certain other users are giving, you can easily do this.

GRAPPL aggregates the ratings for each match and calculates an average across all users. Instead of relying on the opinions of one or two people for a match rating, you can now see what the average rating is across everybody who has watched and rated it. If you’ve ever used Untappd or Letterboxd, it’s a bit like that.

What promotions are on there?

Right now, GRAPPL covers all WWE brands / shows, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, PROGRESS, Impact, PWG, Lucha Underground and Evolve.

There are almost 28,000 matches on GRAPPL going back to the first Wrestlemania in 1985 and these are updated on a daily basis with new events (and ones from the past). Other promotions will also be added to GRAPPL in the future.

What else can you do?

GRAPPL has a filter on there so you can easily find out what the best (and worst) rated matches are by:

Or by year and month

So for example if you wanted to find out what the highest rated New Japan matches were this year, or the highest rated Wrestlemania matches of all time, then you can easily do this on GRAPPL.

If you see a match getting good ratings you can hit the ‘watch-list’ button and it automatically adds it to your own personalised watch-list so you’ve got an ongoing record of matches you want to watch (or re-watch).

You can also comment on match ratings so you can let people know why you gave the rating you did, or question your friends taste!

Why does GRAPPL exist?

The main reason for creating GRAPPL is to promote great wrestling. With access to so much wrestling content these days (and so little time), it’s an easy way for wrestling fans to share and find wrestlers, matches and promotions worth watching. If you’ve never watched New Japan or PWG or PROGRESS but heard great things about them, it helps you pick a few good places to start.

You can download GRAPPL right now FOR FREE – just search for ‘GRAPPL’ (no E on the end) on App Store and Google Play. For more updates, follow @GRAPPLapp on Twitter.