Smash Wrestling: Doing Things Right

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Smash Wrestling is a promotion that is based out of Canada and it started only in 2012. To think they’ve become one of the most talked about independent wrestling promotions is great progress. Smash has become a destination as one of the Young Bucks said it’s Canada’s PWG, which is a great compliment. The ways they’ve done this by building local guys, getting well known independent stars, staying active on social media, and building there Smash title belt as a prized possession.

Unlike a lot of other independent promotions, Smash has a lot of guys who wrestle around in Canada. This group of different guys are Josh Alexander, Brent Banks, Tyson Dux, and the Super Smash Bros of Player Dos and Player Uno. This a sign of Smash doing things right as they know they’re is a plethora of talent in Canada and why not showcase them. These natives of Canada are able wrestle in front of people who may have seen them before but have not seen them before in Smash.

Another good thing is that they bring in guys that are established names across the independents. Smash has brought in the likes of The Young Bucks, Chris Hero, and AJ Styles. There are more to this list but these guys among the top as AJ Styles and The Young Bucks have been on fire all year and Chris Hero is too established on the independents to be overlooked. AJ only wrestled one match in Smash against Chris Hero which was one of his first after leaving TNA. Hero has wrestled for Smash since the match against AJ and many other matches throughout 2014 including a title match against Matt Cross. The Young Bucks made there debut in Smash in the middle of 2014 and have had matches with the Super Smash Bros and Biff Busick and Drew Gulak.

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Smash wrestling stays active on social media with Twitter, YouTube, and podcast. They just restarted their podcast that talks about the latest news in Smash. Smash also has SmashTV which is a weekly wrestling show on YouTube every Wednesday. They also have a free digital download of the event Rival Schools on their site

The last thing is that they’ve made their championship so important to every wrestler on the roster.

Matt Cross was the first champion after winning a tournament to become champ and had a streak of over 20 victories to retain his title. Cross would defend the title against legitimate competitors including Brent Banks, Player Uno, and Chris Hero to name a few. The title brought Cross’s game to a new level as he won pretty much all of his matches with the Shooting Star Press.

Smash is still under five years of existence and are growing with popularity.

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