Smarking out with Philly – Snowmania Running Wild!

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Twas the night of Snowmagedden 2015 and all through the lot (of the of the Wells Fargo center) the Roman Reigns bandwagon still soldered and the boos rang out.

WWE, after booking one of the biggest flops since the Amazon Firephone, was in full retreat from Philadelphia and the burning blood lust of their offended fans.

Looking for safety they ventured north to the solace of Hartford, but the calm they so longed for became to be their undoing. For it was said that even Mother Nature, so offended by the callus booking, sent a snowstorm the likes of which only come around once (a year or so) to smite them.  Suddenly snowbound and unable to legally put on a show, they were forced to cancel Raw and so it began. The night which came to be known by Indy promotions as, “Quick, we got an opening, what is the best stuff we can stream.”

(This is obviously a working title I will leave for future historians to refine.)

It was the night of jubilation, when wrestlers not superstars would have a chance to take center stage. A night in which Indy workers performed matches of well over twenty minutes and the jaded fans huddled around the warm glow of their computers to revel in the school gym spectacles…

I mean come on, lets be real folks. This was the best thing to happen to Indy wrestling since the Young Bucks and if you missed it too watch a replay of the rumble, what’s with you man?!!!

  • FWE Wrestling Refueled (night 2) – Free  on youtube
  • CHIKARA Pro – CHIKARA Snow day – Free on youtube
  • Smash Wrestling – Challenge Accepted – Free on youtube
  • InterSpecies Rasslin – Slamtasia V – Free on youtube
  • Lucha Underground – VivaLaBlizzard – Free on ElRay and youtube

These above are only a few of my favs. Promotions with great Indy action, angles that make sense, and guys unshackled by the “WWE” way. Heck, it was like a smarking superkick party in my pants all night; and I loved it!

But I digress, what is my reason for telling you this wonderful tail you may ask?  Pure and simple, YOU HAVE OPTIONS. Tons of options. More options than times you will hear WWE say $9.99 in a broadcast. You have a voice, no longer do you need to drink the kool aid of the McMahon dynasty and believe wrestling begins and ends with three letters. My friends there is more, so much more out there…

In my new column “Smarking out with Philly”, we will explore the wacky, wild, and wonderful land that is Indy wrestling. While all along the way. finding answers to some of the greatest questions of life…

Well maybe not, but more than likely you’re just gonna hear about some immensely talented and crazy folks having fun with the art we know and love; professional wrestling. So stay tuned true Indy believers, more awesome is to follow.

Your Smark,

– Philly

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