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Welcome back true Indy believers, your favorite smark, yours truly, is back to bring to your attention to an Indy I believe is real up and comer. Having had the extreme pleasure to interview the voice of Inspire Pro; Mr. “Aiming to please” himself, Eamon Paton I will now share the awesomeness that is Inspire Pro Wrestling with you my lucky readers.

A young promotion by many standards it was founded in 2012 by Co-Owners: Justin Bissonnette, Max Meehan & Josh Montgomery. Inspire Pro originally saw itself and a traveling Indy which would cater to the small oil town of Texas. Instead however, they found home in the Marchesa Theater Austin TX, and have been building a loyal and ever growing fan base with a blended style of traditional American wrestling and some of the best aspects of Japanese strong style.”

Personally I have loved what I have seen from these guys and the first thing that really grabbed me was their video. Shot in a style reminiscent of an 80’s / “Kill Bill” movie each DVD seems to started with a mood setting scene that allows the action, music, and beautifully cheesey block graphics to set a unique and enjoying tone. Aiding to this feel are the cleaver interactions of the wrestlers and the announcer Brandon Stroud that act like a palate cleansers giving the fans time to breathe and digest the previous match before the next one begins.

The action inside the ring is crisp with wrestlers who are mostly local talent from the Texas Wrestling Academy and other regional schools. The booker, who in my humble opinion has pretty sharp eye, seems to book wrestlers who are efficient workers that tell complete stories between the ropes. Inspire Pro also seems to build their shows with the care of a promotion who understands what it takes to put on an effective event and who is not not afraid to bring in outside talents the likes of Chris Hero, ACH, and even foreign stars like Takaaki Watanabe to fill out a card and better sell their home talent while bring in new eyes.

Another aspect of Inspire Pro which really stands out is their now forming XX division and the respect they show to women’s wrestling in general. The workers of the XX division while beautiful, bare little resemblance to their fitness model first kin with the big “E” and have on more than a few occasion even mixed it up with the boys in some of their biggest shows. As a fan of wrestling I enjoy this and most fans in general will be hard pressed to find such wrestling outside of promotions like Shimmer or Shine.

Inspire Pro also has a very unique belt set, with the ace of the promotion being the man who holds the Inspire Pro Championship. Current Champion as of Relentless event being “The Dirty Mind of Wrestling” Andy Dalton. This belt, while being their top belt, is only slightly more coveted than their secondary belt now held by “Wildfire” Thomas Shire, The Pure Prestige Champion. A newly minted strap as of their Battle Wars show (which by the way is now available on smart mark video and features some of my local Indy favorites from Chikara Pro.) Last is the J-crown Championship, and while not a “belt” persay it is a very coveted championship and a feather in the cap of the man who holds it, one Steve O’Reno.

With a another show that just happen on this past Sunday, the above mentioned Undeniable,  I can’t wait to see how Inspire continues to evolve. Wanna learn more?

Check out their current DVDs up at smart mark :

Their home page at:

Or their Indytube at :

I don’t think you will be disappointed.

So then, till next time true Indy believers remember, the revolution will not be televised but you can see it live! So get your ass to a local show and don’t forget to hit the merch table too.

Sincerely Your Smark,

– Philly

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