Smarking out with Philly – Quick Hits – Are The Young Bucks, Too sweet?

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Welcome back again true Indy believers, your favorite smark, yours truly, is back to ask a very serious and life changing question. Can one truly be “too sweet”.

The twitterverse recently has become alight with questions on the Young Bucks and their abilities. It is ashame to think ones so young and talented have fallen so far but upon review of the facts I’m afraid there may be some validity to the rumors.

Why in just the last couple of weeks, they have been spotted at venues around the US, throwing impromptu Superkick parties all night. While hanging out with the likes of The Addiction, reDragon, The Forever Hooligans and in generally bringing down the house wherever they are see. One wonders how they keep getting bookings with every Indy promotion out there with such reprehensible behavior.

It is all too obvious the sudden fame and fortune has gone to the heads of these two young brothers who have only been in the business since 2004. Without having endured years of grueling travel,  questionable gimmicks and in general pay their dues with the business for a decade or so it is only natural for many in the world of wrestling to be bitter at their “dumb luck”.

I mean they’re totally unoriginal, with their stupid fusion of 80’s and 90’s wrestling apparel, move sets from multiple wrestling styles, and stolen catch phrases. Seriously what is there to like? Oh and their attitudes, don’t get me started on that;  all cocky, brash, and opinionated. It is so obvious they only care about themselves and one only needs to look at their win / loss record to prove how few times they have put the other team over…

And that hair….yeah that long stupid stringy hair…  (stop)


Really, do you hear yourself people? If anyone to this point thinks this is a serious piece I got a question for you;  jealous much? If you can’t see the awesomeness before you then da-Nile is not just a river in Egypt. We are watching a nWo, D-generation X, Hulkamania type of event here on the Indy seen. (Without the promotion machine of the evil empire.) I mean these guys turned down VKM to stay true to the Indy circuit and what they have created. Anyone drinking the haterade needs to get their head out of the WWE’s back side and smell the sweet scent of success these two are making for themselves.

Disagree with me? Great,  then hit me back and prove me wrong, I dare you. Go ahead, leave your trolling comment in the section below or attack me at will on twitter. Hell I’ll even give you my email, so bring you facts and lets see if you can prove me wrong…

So then, till next time true Indy believers remember, the revolution will not be televised but you can see it live so get your ass to a local show and don’t forget to hit the merch table too.

Your Smark,

– Philly

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