Smarking out with Philly – A Yank’s Take On Fight Club: PRO

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Welcome back true Indy believers! Your favorite Yank, me of course, is here to preview Fight Club: Pro and their upcoming event, “All the Best” on Friday February 6th.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What does this wanker know about UK wrestling?” Well first off dude that’s hurtful. I mean I thought we were friends, compadres, amigos. Where do you get off saying something like that? Here I am, slaving away to bring you all the awesomeness and this is how you treat me?

Well I think you owe me an apology. That’s right just a little one and we can go on….no I’m serious lets have it..  I’ll wait…

There we go I graciously accept your apology, now come on was that so hard?

Moving along lets continue with the quick hits shall we…

“Since 2009 Fight Club: PRO has delivered some of the best shows and greatest matches to ever grace the UK. Whether it be it’s mix of international and homegrown talent, it’s unique and distinctive atmosphere, or the creation and continued promotion of British Strong Style, Fight Club: PRO has become something special to so many people worldwide.”

Basically those of you not familiar with “Fight Club: Pro” you guys ever see the movie “Fight club”? How about “Snatch”, particularly the part where Brad Pitt bare knuckle brawls some dude? Well actually I guess was in both movies, but I digress.

Fight Club: PRO produces works of barbaric beauty and I think they are right to call themselves special. This promotion excels in capturing the raw danger of those scenes within a caged ring that looks like something out of a back alley crime scene. It’s wrestlers, embodying strong style of wrestling, willing enter between the ropes like gladiators who are all to happy to give their life’s blood to entertain.

Only able to enjoy this art form from thousands of miles away I feel like a plebeian sitting in front of my computer as I watch in spartan spectacle unfold. Letting the show take me I find the smell of sweat and iron begins to fill my nostrils and my disbelief fades. Homegrown talents like MK McKinnan and Dave Mastiff enter the ring and with the opening bell starts a ride that is intense, hard hitting and gratifying begins. I watch intently as the fans, like crazed citizens of a Roman amphitheater, all crowd around the mesh and beat their hands against steel. They scream the names of their champions and sling insults at the villains all to drive the combatants on in the berserker ballet unfolding. Soon I too get swept up into the action and I myself  begin to cheer on the competitors like those fans captured on my screen; even leaping from my chair as a great match comes to an ends…

So you ask what I know about “Fight Club: Pro”? I know from the limited tape I have seen on this promotion it is a local gem. A unique treasure that anyone who calls themselves a fan of hard hitting wrestling would enjoy and anyone in the Wolverhampton area should be heading to the Planet Nightclub Friday night ready to witness a damn fine show.

Looking to go? Click here -> for tickets, DVD’s & t-shirts.

I don’t think you will be disappointed.

So then, till next time true Indy believers remember, the revolution will not be televised but you can see it live! So get your ass to a local show and don’t forget to hit the merch table too.

Sincerely Your Smark,

– Philly

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