ROH To The UK – Yay?!

Added by Joel Yentis

ROH are doing another tour in the UK and we, as British wrestling fans should be delighted by this. Right? We should be ecstatic that they are coming on over for a tour? It is the Honor United tour. HOW ABOUT YOU RESPECT THE INNOVATORS OF LANGUAGE AND CALL THE TOUR HONOUR UNITED?!?!!! How can ROH be inclusive if they don’t include U… see what I did there? I knew I should have been in marketing/tried harder at school.

Spelling aside, I am a bit apathetic to ROH. I have more TNA DVDs in my collection than ROH. My awareness originated from The Wrestling Channel from the early to mid noughties. There I was engaged in watching several stars shine. This is where I realised I was represented in wrestling by CM Punk. I was straight edge dammit – I just never knew. Please, do not worry for me as I am no longer straight edge. I partake in the odd Mexican beer to take the edge off the York Hall balcony bants at Rev Pro shows. Hell, when I had the WWE Network I flat out had a drinking habit.

My favourites over time were Doug Williams and Nigel McGuiness that I saw at shows once a year at my local Corn Exchange. I took to AJ, Daniels, Aries, Strong, Shelley and Samoa Joe through Impact and seeing them all in 1PW in Doncaster back in the day. ROH was never a priority to me.

Now, it is a similar story. I see all my favourite ROH guys regularly in New Japan, I buy the PWG blu rays (cos I like my graps in High Definition!) and we might see Flip Gordon and a few others come do Southside shows.

Why should I be so excited about ROH “invading” the UK? Well, New Japan guys will be on the tour. I guess the Bullet Club too. We get to see Dalton Castle I guess. What about those production values they put into the live shows? Unfortunately, our “Indies” already do something similar and, in some instances better. There is a long list of companies I would trust for my entertainment £, giving me great value, British talent mixed with top International stars for a reasonable price with a promise of a return. With ROH, it just feels like they are coming over for a pay day and, may be ,just may be here to promote their new Honor Club. I don’t know what it is, what it offers and why I should spend $9.99 a month on this service. With Josh Bodom going to All Japan, I am more likely to spend my money on their new streaming service.

To me ROH is similar to the current Impact product. Impact talks about being ahead of the game with the knockouts division, X Divison etc. That was several years ago. ROH talks about Tyler Black, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Punk, Danielson, Aries, Samoa Joe etc started in ROH. That was several years ago. We now have Cheeseburger. That was a joke, I love the guy but the point stands – the companies’ best days are behind it. Even Dalton Castle cannot create buzz for me. I suppose this All In Cody/Bucks thing DOES create interest and I am intrigued but this does feel in spite of ROH rather than because of.

ROH created the stars of tomorrow. Now this is the job for Progress, Rev Pro, PWG etc to create the stars, send them to NXT for them to know how to rock that hard cam.