ROH Going To Destination America

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So when you read the headline for this article, it seems like it’s not a big deal if you know Destination America is lower TV network. Like TNA going there was not a popular step but ROH going there it’s the opposite. It’s positive for ROH because they are going on to broadcast TV, they are on both and cable and broadcast TV, and they have an extra outlet to promote their upcoming Best In The World PPV on Friday, June 19th at 9 pm.

ROH going to Destination America is practically a step up because some people who watch Destination America may have never seen ROH before. ROH certainly has the roster to bring in fans with the bigger names and then the guys people may not know can make new fans. With the ROH going to broadcast, they now can reach big markets like Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Being on broadcast TV can also open up new places to run shows and possibly more shows for ROH.

ROH being on both broadcast and cable TV is great because they still reach the people on Sinclair and now they cater to newer fans and hardcore fans who don’t have Sinclair. People in Philly, Chicago, and New York have seeing ROH live and most likely watching on because these cities have are the diehard fans for ROH. So the ratings for ROH are probably going to be good because of these people watching along with every one else.

Timing is everything right? Right and especially in wrestling. The Best In The World PPV is about two weeks away. This gives ROH another outlet and a bigger outlet to promote the main event of ROH World Champ Jay Briscoe vs ROH TV Champ Jay Lethal with both titles on the line. This will help get more buys than 13th Anniversary even though I read that it did what they expected. The results of the PPV will be substantial and will carry over on both broadcast and cable TV.

ROH just keeps building on there success. This just adds to the list and hopefully this is just helps ROH grow more.

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