ROH Crowning A Champion

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Long before their relationship with New Japan, way before their relationship with Pro Wrestling NOAH, Ring Of Honor began with humble beginnings.

After ECW died, there wasn’t a real place for wrestling in the Philadelphia area, and not everyone liked CZW for obvious reasons. 13 years ago, ROH was born.

ROH was immediately known as the place that wrestling is an art, with talent like Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels, and of course, Low Ki.

One very warm night in the Murphy Recreation Center in Philadelphia, four men battled for the ROH World Championship in a sixty minute Iron Man Match. Those men, Spanky ( Brian Kendrick), Low Ki, Christopher Daniels and Doug Williams. Those men fought tooth and nail to become the leader in ROH’s brand, eventually, Low Ki won.

13 years ago today, Low Ki won the ROH World Championship, being the first man to do so. 13 years later, men like Kevin Steen, Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries and of course the current champion, Jay Lethal have all gladly held the belt and defended it around the world.

Full Match: HERE

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