ROH 14th Anniversary PPV Preview

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Hello Wrestling World! Your probably thinking oh this guy doesn’t preview PPV’s and he’s typically the ROH TV review guy. Why is he here? Well I’ll tell you. I’m invested in the product and I review it every week so I feel like I’m a great person to preview the PPV. It should be a great PPV no matter what but I’ll preview it and give my predictions. So let’s stop talking and preview this thing!

Hirooki Goto vs Dalton Castle w/ The Boys

I didn’t even know this match was announced or was going to happen so that’s another treat for the view. Dalton Castle has been on a tear since having The Boys back. Goto is a wrestler for NJPW and he is a pretty good talent. To me, he isn’t exactly main event level but Dalton Castle can wrestling anybody and he has seen with Silas Young that he can wrestle larger guys, which Goto is, and still do good. It will be a good match but I think Goto will win with outside interference from Silas Young

My Prediction: Hirooki Goto

Grudge Match: BJ Whitmer vs Adam Page

This is one of the many grudge matches on the card. This is one that has only transpired in the past few weeks but it will help establish Page as a true babyface and hopefully lift him into the upper card level. If Steve Corino is not at the commentary table, I see him in the corner of Adam Page. This one I am torn because Whitmer is coming back and they could give him more heat by having him win by sleazy tactics or if they want to make Page look great, have Page come back and beat Whitmer. I am going to go with Page with this since he needs the win to establish himself.

My Prediction: Adam Page

Alex Shelley vs. Christopher Daniels

This looks like it will be a good match since the two have great chemistry from TNA and other indies. They have wrestled each other a lot and I see them putting on a decent match. There are only two options in this match: Chris Sabin align himself with Shelley finally and help Shelley win or Sabin help Daniels win and it set up for a true grudge match at supercard of honor in Dallas. I am going to go with the latter and say that this is will be a good match but that in the end, Sabin will help Daniels win and we get to see Shelley vs Sabin in the future

My Prediction: Christopher Daniels

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada w/ Gedo vs Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway

This should be an interesting match. You have one of the best wrestlers in the world and the main attraction for New Japan facing the most improved wrestler of the year and one of the biggest up and comers in the wrestling business in Moose. I will say that I watch New Japan World and I love Okada. The Rainmaker is a great wrestler and I think this will elevate Moose into main event status with the work he will put in with this match. This could end up being the match of the night. I have to put Okada over here because I don’t see them letting heavyweight champion loose on an ROH PPV and this match is mainly here to put over Moose as a great wrestler and worthy of the main event in ROH.
My Prediction: “The Rainmaker” Okada

The Briscoes vs ‘Unbreakable’ Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi

This is another interesting match and may also be the match of the night by the end of the night. Tanahashi is another great wrestler from New Japan who has put on classics every year and seems to never have a truly bad match. He is paired with Elgin who is doing better as of late but I’m still not a huge fan of. Both these groups of wrestler have worked for New Japan and I see this match being great and fun and I see the team of Elgin & Tanahashi coming out on top with Elgin getting the pin.
My Prediction: Elgin & Tanahashi

NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Title Match: The Young Bucks & ‘The Cleaner’ Kenny Omega (champions) vs KUSHIDA, ACH & Matt Sydal

I did not know this is for the NEVER openweight tag titles and that makes it even more interesting. So far with 5 matches in, this card looks amazing and this match will be no different. KUSHIDA is a great wrestler and we know that ACH and Matt Sydal have great chemistry. and if you don’t know Kenny Omega, look him up. He is the new leader of the Bullet Club since Aj Styles left and while he doesn’t have the star power or the in-ring ability as Styles, he is still a great character and a good wrestler. Right now, he is holding both the IWGP Intercontinental Title and the NEVER openweight titles with the Young Bucks. Here is a spoiler: Matt Sydal holds the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team titles with Ricochet in New Japan so I don’t see him winning another set of Tag Titles with 2 new partners and plus The Bullet Club just won the titles last weekend so I am going with The Bullet Club retaining the titles.

My Prediction: STILL NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions The Bullet Club

ROH World Television Championship Triple Threat Match: NEW ROH World TV Champion Tomohiro Ishii vs Roderick Strong vs Bobby Fish

So if you read my TV review, and if you haven’t look it up and read it, but I stated in their that I didn’t know what they would do about this title match. Well, now I know. They made it a triple threat match. I hate that because Strong and Fish were having a great feud and this seemed like a grudge match and they played it off for weeks with Fish wanting revenge and the title from Strong, not Ishii. I can see why they did it so they could put another New Japan wrestler on the card and so it has that shock value but I hate it. I wanted this to be a one on one match. But, I can’t fix it so why fret over it. I will say that I think Fish wins the title here to continue the feud between him and Strong and so they can wrestler against each other at the Supercard of Honor with Strong bitching that he never lost the title.

My Prediction: NEW ROH World Television Champion Bobby Fish

No DQ ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: War Machine (champions) vs All Night Xpress

This match could be good and violent or it could be a shit show.I have a feeling that it will be good but not as great as the tag team title matches usually are though. It will be violent and will use weapons and that’s ok, but I don’t think it will be as great as usual with War Machine in their, who aren’t technically sound, and ANX who are typically high spot people. Like I said though, it will be violent and I am excited for the weapons that they use and how they use them. I see War Machine coming out on front but I wish ANX would win.

My Prediction: STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions War Machine

MAIN EVENT: Triple Threat Match for ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Jay Lethal (champion) vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole

I hope this is the match of the night. I have stated in my past reviews that I thought they need to push O’Reilly and it looks like they are finally going to do just that by placing him in an ROH World Heavyweight Title Match. Only problem with that? The person he is having a long feud with Adam Cole is also in here. I thought Lethal should have faced someone else here like a New Japan star like Tanahashi so Cole and O’Reilly could have a #1 Contender’s Match that is some kind of gimmick match like I Quit or Last Man Standing. But I am ok with this main event even if Lethal doesn’t fit because it will still be awesome and I have a feeling that we will have a new champion. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s O’Reilly’s time. This match could have Lethal winning by some kind of underhanded means but I think that O’Reilly will knock out Lethal somehow and that Lethal will be pinned by Adam Cole so they can move the O’Reilly and Cole feud into the championship main event and so they can have bigger spotlight. I see the payoff coming at Supercard of Honor where O’Reilly is finally crowned the World Champion.

My Prediction: NEW ROH World Heavyweight Championship Adam Cole (for now)

This has been my 14th Anniversary PPV for Ring of Honor. I will not be watching this due to me not being able to afford this but when I can, I will be ordering it and watching it. I may not be able to watch it live, but with ROH and how they do the TV Tapings, they won’t have the results on TV for a few weeks. I think the show will have great wrestling, like ROH always does, and it will show off the New Japan wrestlers and Ring of Honor wrestlers alike. If you disagree with my predictions, hit me up on twitter or facebook. Thanks for reading and enjoy the PPV!

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