Rev-Pro ‘High Stakes’ 2016 Preview

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2015 was a great year for Revolution Pro that saw them run more shows than ever before, visit new towns for the first time and co-promote two huge events with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. The three York Hall shows last year all proved to be highlights on the British wrestling calendar and 2016 seems set for more of the same, as RPW return to York Hall with a packed card for ‘High Stakes 2016’.

Pete Dunne (c) vs ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster – Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship

After Andrew Everett had to vacate the title through injury, a tournament was held to crown the new Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion, taking place at Revolution Pro’s January 3rd show at The Cockpit Theatre in London. Pete Dunne and Morgan Webster made it to the finals and, ultimately, Dunne came out on top and with a new title to his name, but on Saturday ‘The Bruiserweight’ will have to put his newly won prize on the line against the man he defeated to win it, ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster. Both are two of the best young up-and-comers on the British scene today and this match should prove to be an exciting contest between two opponents very familiar with one another.

Sha Samuels, James Castle & Josh Bodom vs Jimmy Havoc, T-Bone & ???

Jimmy Havoc’s made a name for himself as one of the more violent, blood thirsty competitors in the world today and debuted in Revolution Pro with the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Title on his mind. But although he won a no.1 contenders bout for the title in his first RPW outing, one of the men he defeated in that match would cost him his championship opportunity: Josh Bodom of The Revolutionists. Using the numbers game to his advantage, the young and brash Bodom and his cohorts have frustrated Havoc at every turn, but now Jimmy has back-up in the form of one of Britain’s heaviest hitters T-Bone, making his return to RPW for the first time since 2014. Intriguingly, however, there’s one more name on Jimmy’s invite list yet to be revealed, but all signs point towards this being a chaotic, action-packed six-man tag.

Jay Lethal vs Mark Haskins

For big events Revolution Pro usually manage to put on one match that you get a sense is a real show stealer and, in the case of High Stakes 2016, this is it. The current ROH World Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal takes on ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins in this huge, first-time-ever bout. Both men are well travelled, experienced wrestlers who have athleticism in abundance and a ton of technical wrestling skill between them. Haskins has become one of the best performers in British wrestling today and is an incredibly versatile performer, while similar praise can be laid at Lethal’s feat as he proves doubters wrong with his current reign with the top prize in Ring of Honor that saw him successfully defend the belt against Michael Elgin at the Tokyo Dome just a few weeks ago. While this match looks set to be a non-title bout, it’s one I’m definitely excited to see.

Colt Cabana vs Doug Williams

You’d be hard pressed to find a better wrestling technician in Britain today that Doug Williams and here he faces off against an opponent who’s also far from a slouch when it comes to grappling skill, ‘Boom Boom’ Colt Cabana. His style is decidedly more unorthodox than that of Williams and, with both well versed in the European wrestling style, this should prove to be a very enjoyable match. Cabana & Williams are no strangers to each other, however, having wrestled a handful of times in the UK and the US, but never before in-front of a sold-out York Hall crowd!

Big Damo vs ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Here’s two men who both made big impacts on the independent wrestling scene in 2015, though they couldn’t be more opposite from one another. Big Damo O’Connor debuted for Revolution Pro in late 2014 and last year racked up some impressive victories against top talent like Tomohiro Ishii and Mark Haskins, as well as stepping into the ring with superstars like Hiroshi Tanahashi and Shinsuke Nakamura. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, a diminutive wrestler from Canada with a flair for martial arts, saw his star rise and rise as he won fans over first in CZW, then in EVOLVE, PWG and even AAA in Mexico! He has a real David vs Goliath match-up for his debut here in RPW, however, as Big Damo’s taller, stronger and may surprise Bailey with his freakish agility. Speedball’s used to fighting larger opponents, however, and there could be precendent for an upset here, as he does hold victories over guys like Chris Hero and Drew Galloway to his name. Whatever the outcome, this is sure to be an exciting match.

Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay

After ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll lost the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship to AJ Styles and then failed to recapture it, he put the blame firmly upon the shoulders of young Will Ospreay, who had also featured in Marty’s second match against Styles and taken the pinfall in that bout. Scurll, the nefarious leader of The Revolutionists and a very dangerous competitor in his own right, has promised to make January the worst month ever for Will Ospreay, on his way to recapturing his RPW gold. But ‘The Aerial Assassin’ is no push-over and, after a huge 2015 that saw his name spread throughout the world of wrestling, he’ll be looking to kick 2016 off with a bang by shutting up Scurll for good. You have to think that The Revolutionists won’t be far from ringside during this one, which is something Ospreay will no doubt be acutely aware of as he sets out to do battle with ‘The Villain’.

AJ Styles (c) vs Zack Sabre Jr. – Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship

A veritable dream match here, as two of the world’s very best wrestlers do battle for one of the top prizes in British wrestling. AJ Styles (former leader of the Bullet Club) has been making headlines recently and there’s lots of speculation about his future, but it seems that he’s set to join the WWE and only one thing stands in his way of leaving Revolution Pro undefeated: Zack Sabre Jr. With an impressive resume that includes stints in Japan and the USA, Sabre Jr. is many fan’s pick for Britain’s best wrestler and he does a fantastic job of being an ambassador for British wrestling the world over. Suffice to say, if Styles is planning to leave York Hall as champion, he may very well have his work cut out for him. This is also a first-time ever bout, neither man having competed in singles or tag competition against one another, so both guys will need to do their homework to be prepared for this one. That may prove easier for Zack, as AJ’s a veteran of the scene now and has been competing in high profile bouts almost as long as Zack has been wrestling. I think it’s fair to say that Styles may not be as familiar with Sabre as Sabre is with Styles, but whatever the case may be, this is a huge main event match and one that’s sure to wow the assembled masses.

Revolution Pro present the sold-out ‘High Stakes 2016’ this Saturday at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, and it should be available in a few weeks for VOD & Download over at:

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