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PWG turned right around and plucked some new talent to debut for the company. It started at the beginning of this year in February at the Out of Nowhere event. The following debuted at the show: “Speedball” Mike Bailey against Biff Busick, Alex Reynolds and John Silver known as The Beaver Boys faced Best Friends, and Ethan Page and Josh Alexander known as the Monster Mafia faced The Young Bucks. All of these men impressed the crowd with their unique characters and moves.

In April at the Don’t Sweat The Techinque: Andrew Everett returned against Ricochet, Tommy End debuted against Chris Hero, and Zack Sabre Jr returned to face Roderick Strong for the PWG World Title. The three men that either returned or debuted had the top three matches on the show in my opinion. The crowd was also really into Sabre Jr as he won them over from BOLA 2014.

In May at 2015 DDT4, Bill Carr and Dan Barry known as Team Tremendous debuted against The Beaver Boys, Busick and Drew Gulak returned as a team, Ricochet and Rich Swann returned as a team, and Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett debuted as team. I have not seen the show but I know there are a few title changes and it will be Josh Alexander’s final show because of his injury and his decision to retire.

PWG also went ahead and made huge announcements for Threemendous IV on July 24th and BOLA 2015 on August 28th-30th. At Threemendous IV, Jack Evans returns and Angelico makes his PWG debut. They should tear the house down as they both seem to have no fear when doing high flying moves. The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards return and Akira Tozawa returns in quite some time. The following names are in the BOLA 2015 tournament are Will Ospreay Marty Scrull, Timothy Thatcher, Mike Bailey, Chris Hero, Biff Busick, Mark Andrews, Brian Cage, Ricochet and Tommy End. This is only ten names and I believe the tournament has 24 wrestlers so there should be some more possible surprises. Out of the previous ten named, 4 are debuting and 3 are British guys. It’s really cool that PWG is tapping into the British wrestling scene as it is so good and I definitely don’t watch it and know as much as someone over in the UK does. Kudos to PWG for giving new talent a chance to kill it in Reseda.

In closing, Mystery Vortex III: Rock and Shock the Nation is this Friday, June 26th. No one even knows who’s announced for this show but it’s definitely sold out and should be something amazing because the crowd always loves the matches even when they don’t know who’s coming.

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