PWG, It’s Good But….

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Professional Wrestling is like nothing else. People fake beating each other up? Yes and No. Sure they’re not getting their faces pounded MMA style but the bumps and bruises are very real, it’s an art like none other. The Independents provide us with an alternative so to speak or as I say real wrestling not sports entertainment. In Southern California you have the beloved PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla), its inception in 2003, about a year after RIng Of Honor’s birth provided the west coast a taste of what a east coast kid like me was getting, true professional wrestling not sports entertainment. I didn’t get into PWG until around 2008 unlike ROH whom I’ve been a fan of since 2004, right away though I liked much of what I was seeing from what I referred to as the west coast ROH clone. I by no means intend to disrespect PWG as they have had plenty of great matches and shows…however not to much of their own credit in my opinion. For the exception of Steen/Generico and The Young Bucks everyone big name or just the best in general that have graced Reseda have been established elsewhere. Bryan Danielson/Samoa Joe/Roderick Strong and even Adam Cole made splashes elsewhere before stepping in a PWG squared circle.

I’ve always viewed PWG as a super show promotion and hey nothing wrong with that, however wouldn’t they like their own identity? Their own home grown talent? That’s my beef. You see, PWG seems content with relying on other promotions talent ROH/DGUSA/EVOLVE mostly and now CZW with Drew Gulak/Biff Busick and AIW with the Monster Mafia aka Josh Alexander and Ethan Page. I’m not attempting to nit pick I’m just raising some valid points. One other issue for me is that Pro Wrestling Guerrilla doesn’t seem to be keen with incorporating angles and telling stories in their matches. I’m sorry but for me Professional Wrestling isn’t about 5 dives to the outside or 10 super kicks in every other match. I’m an admitted hater of spot monkeys so guys like ACH and The Young Bucks aren’t my cup of tea but to each their own. With my complaints out of the way, I enjoy PWG, I have plenty of their shows that have greatly entertained me, I’m just simply pointing out flaws they could easily correct…but hey maybe I’m just a 33 year old fart that doesn’t “get it”.

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