Puroresu Matches of the Month: January

Added by Luke Hickey

Something new for the site, I’ll go over/list my favourite matches of the month from Puro and Joshi. Firstly, I’m going to start with what I’ve considered as must see action! Even though these matches took place in the previous year, they actually did not air until last January, in FREEDOMS, Masashi Takeda faced Jun Kasai in a losing effort, dropping the KFC Championship, while not as good as their bout in the summer, it was still a great match all the same. Another one that caught my attention was Enfants Terrible vs Strong Hearts at the Christmas Wrestle-1 show in Korakuen, a fabulous war that built towards Ashino vs T-Hawk.

Now for stuff that actually occurred in January, firstly, in All Japan we had KAI unsuccessfully challenging Kento Miyahara for the Triple Crown on Day 2 at the Korakuen, on the 3rd of the month, this is possibly my favourite bout from January, not far off it is the Kaito Kiyomiya vs Kenoh match that started Noah’s year off with a bang, Kiyomiya successfully retaining in his first defence of the GHC Heavyweight Championship.

Daisuke Sekimoto is likely WOTM, putting on numerous quality matches in 31 days, vs Hama defending the BJW Strong Championship, vs Sato in Zero1 defending the Zero1 Championship and and capturing the AJPW World Tag Team Championships as Strong BJ by defeating the Violence Giants at his 20th Anniversary show. Also in Big Japan, Masaya Takahashi had two great defences against Tsukamoto first and then Death Match Legend, Ryuji Ito. Takayuki Ueki versus Yoshihisa Uto from the same show was also great fun to watch.

Strong Hearts brought the W-1 Championship to the unit after T-Hawk beat Shotaro Ashino in a fantastic match, it’ll be interesting to see where Ashino goes from here. In Dragon Gate, Shun Skywalker and Kaito Ishida put on a phenomenal showing in the Rookie League Final, also the 3 way final of the 6 Man Tournament between R.E.D vs MaxiMuM vs Natural Vibes was a cracker.

In Joshi, we’ve been treated to Momo Watanabe vs Tam Nakano, Kagetsu vs Jungle Kyona and Kagetsu vs Hazuki in Stardom. In TJPW on their first Korakuen of the year, Meiko Satomura vs Reika Saiki had my MOTN, followed by the TJP Tag title match and then Maki Ito in a losing effort to Miyu Yamashita.

Luke Hickey

Image from All Japan English twitter.