Pro’s vs Punters

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Something that has caught my attention in British Wrestling recently is how the guys that work on the scene are marking out for international talent… Instantly you’re probably thinking, “Oh, here’s Nathan Cruz thinking he’s too big of a star and ignoring the fact he was once a fan” because honestly, nothing could be further from the truth. I make it very clear that I’m still a fan of this business; I love it and it’s why I want to succeed in it. But I’m going to explain the reason why it’s utterly stupid and embarrassing when some of our top talents behave in this way.

Firstly, if you as a performer post a status on your Facebook or your Twitter that you ‘can’t believe’ you’re going to be wrestling on the same show as ‘Ex WWE talent’ then you’re INSTANTLY burying yourself to the British Wrestling fans you no doubt have on your Facebook friends list (and possible attendees of said show) by showing them that you’re underneath said talent. Now don’t get me wrong, some guys deserve all the respect in the world, but you can show your respect to them by shaking their hand, politely asking for their advice and generally just talk to them on the same level. In fact they’ll no doubt respect you more for it. In this industry everyone should be fighting for that top spot and the only person you should be making sound like a star is yourself! We have plenty of truly gifted guys over here who should be getting flown out of this country and should be seen all over the world in the same way that American workers are constantly seen touring over here. So what’s the reason why British workers are not? It’s because they get on social media and start saying how they feel honoured to be stepping in the ring with [random Ring of Honour star] for a match. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s pretty cool. They’re obviously over here for a reason and that’s because they’re a top talent… But you’re in that match too and that’s because you’re a top talent and you are for a f*****g reason! Don’t make them sound like the big star and make yourself out to be just some ‘random British Indy worker’ because you’re a star in your own right, and if you do your job well you could secure yourself a job overseas. But if you make it sound like they’re the big talent… well then, what did you bring to the table? You obviously got carried by this immensely talented American, you’re just part of *his* show. It’s the same when guys get pictures with the former stars… You grew up watching them, again I get it, it’s cool! But you instantly put yourself under them when that picture you could have just kept as a personal memento goes on Facebook. Yes in the back, you are lower than them. Of course you are. They’ve got years on you and thousands of matches under their belt. But to an audience, or to the wrestling fans who have paid for a ticket or follow you on Twitter, you’re just as much a star as them.

When I met Sting a couple of years back, I felt like I was eight years old again and I was wetting myself inside… But on the outside, I shook his hand, introduced my self and asked him how he was. I did not pull out my iPhone and get a picture with him for my Facebook page. You have to see that instantly has a negative knock on to the British Wrestling scene… American’s probably think all our top guys are just marks who get hard-ons when they’re wrestling on the same show as a former WWE star or Legend. Fit Finlay once made a comment in the dressing room of an All Star Wrestling show when he was over over here back in 2012; he re-joined the team after working a few Indy shows and said “Thank god I’m with actual wrestlers. I felt like I was doing a meet and greet last night when I was getting changed.” I want you to just think about that for a second… It’s embarrassing. You want to appreciate who you’re working with, that’s cool. Credit them for a hard fight online if you want but just remember that you’re on the same show as them for a reason, you’ve been booked against them for a reason; so don’t put them above you and don’t bury yourself.

Thank you for reading! Next week I’ll be discussing the importance of characters… and the distinct lack of them in British Wrestling.

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