PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 13 Overview: An American Perspective

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Picture credit to Rob Brazier Jr & PROGRESS Wrestling

When PROGRESS released this on YouTube for free this was good and bad as it was good because more eyes would be on the promotion since the show is free but it’s bad because PROGRESS won’t make money on DVDs. This was especially beneficial to me as I live in America and I was interested to watch a show as I hear results when I listen to the podcast. PROGRESS has been generating some buzz for a while now but since the release of the full show on YouTube the buzz has spread to even further heights.

First thing I thought while watching this show and after finishing the show is that the show had a PWG feel to the show. I thought of this because of  the fan interaction and the fast paced style of wrestling with the wrestlers in every match trying to steal the show. I also noticed that all of the wrestlers did not have the same look which I personally always like to see because all wrestlers can’t look the same.

The entire card from top to bottom was solid in match quality and the fans interaction with chants and other thing really contributed to how good each match was. The match that really stood out to me among the PROGRESS regulars who are less known than my favorite match on this was the 4 way tag elimination match between the Swords of Essex, Project Ego, Screw Indy Wrestling and the London Riots. This match had really chaotic feel that pulled out all the stops with high flying and flawless tag team maneuvers.

The match that really boosted my liking to the show was Prince Devitt vs. Zack Sabre Jr. This seems like the prototypical answer as both men are world renowned top of the class wrestlers but this match stole the show. Devitt’s entrance as the Joker was epic and the way he acted like the Joker in the beginning of the match was also amazing. Sabre Jr. performing technically crisp moves and targeting Devitt’s arm for an arm bar. Devitt hit some nasty looking double stomps on Sanre Jr. One move in this match that I did not see coming was Sabre Jr.’s drop kick while Devitt was sitting in a chair in the crowd. This match was absolutely amazing.

PROGRESS is doing something unique to put more eyes on there brand of wrestling which is truly great that they are doing. It was also great that they released after they thought the quality was not good enough but the quality was not even an issue to me. One thing I think PROGRESS should start doing is releasing preview videos like PWG does just to give the fans who were not at the show a taster.

As you have just read I really enjoyed the show as this was the first full British wrestling show I watched. I’m hoping that PROGRESS builds on the momentum they have created. I recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

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