Pinfalls, Grapples and Liverpool

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Yes, it’s me once again. I haven’t written something in a while now working with LuchaDubs and other stuff, but I wanted to bring you guys something close to my heart. As a some who was born and raised in Liverpool, I thought because the city has just been showcased by the BritWres Fest I should give some information on Liverpool’s history with Wrestling.

Liverpool, well known for things like The Beatles, it’s football teams and the things in between, yet something that’s starting to catch on in Liverpool is it’s wrestling scene.

A few years ago (almost a decade in fact) Liverpool hosted some great wrestling shows, a date in Ring Of Honor’s Fifth Year Festival (where Liverpool hosted Samoa Joe’s final ROH Match before he signed to TNA ), Liverpool hosted TNA’s first ever UK dates and much more, and most recently hosted the BritWres Fest (hosted by New Generation Wrestling UK) but the city is more than that…

The city was even more a haven during the “World Of Sport” era of wrestling where Liverpool was regularly treated with All-Star Wrestling and stars like Big Daddy, “Gypsy” John Kenny and others. But after wrestling stopped gracing Liverpool as much as it did, Liverpool became irrelevant in the wrestling scene (apart from the occasional WWE trips).

In 2012, Ciarán McConnell and “Liverpool’s Number 1” Zack Gibson launched Infinite Promotions. Infinite went on to be Liverpool’s top for pro wrestling over the last few years, bringing a upgraded style to the stage and putting on fantastic shows.

On that note, Liverpool has raised some brilliant talent from legend Frankie Sloan to Zack Gibson. Frankie has travelled the world, working with promotions like TNA during it’s World Cup event, and WWE (getting squashed by Vladimir Kozlov on ECW actually) while Zack, only a few years young in the industry has travelled across the UK working with almost every name (from PROGRESS Wrestling to Preston City Wrestling) and in 2014 actually wrestled and trained in China for two months.

Now in 2015, Liverpool has been home to not only the family friendly stylings of Infinite Promotions but we even got some violence and adult styled content to under the banner of TNT Extreme Wrestling. TNT hosted it’s first show in February which included some historic pieces for Liverpool including the first time Liverpool has hosted a “Ultraviolent Deathmatch” featuring fire, barbed wire and other horrifically great things, and hey we also hosted Insane Championship Wrestling twice!

And now, NGW-UK who are featured regularly on Challenge TV under the Wrestle Talk TV banner have entered Liverpool with a smashing show at the Liverpool Olympia (being the first wrestling show in there since TNA in 2008) and look to be returning in November.

Liverpool has once again became a wonderful place for pro wrestling, with a mixture of child friendly shows (that still rock for adults) at Infinite to the extreme adult work of TNT. Wrestling is back home, and I couldn’t be happier.

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