PCW Road To Glory Day/Night 2 Review

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Picture Credit to John Searle

1st March was Preston City Wrestling’s (@PCW_UK) second day of a 2 day event which brought us a fun filled day of wrestling that included a WWE Legend, ROH stars, a former TNA World Champion and the crowning the winner of the ‘Road to Glory’ tournament.

(Daytime Show)

Martin Kirby def. Noam Dar, Robbie X and Tommaso Ciampa.

We originally were to have a Triple Threat but the music hit and out walked, ROH TV Champion, Tommaso Ciampa. This was very fast paced from the start to end with each of them taking control of the match at some point. Robbie X cracked Noam Dar in the face with a perfect superkick but the highlight was seeing Martin Kirby place a cloverleaf submission on Noam Dar and at the same time put Robbie X into a torture rack. Kirby would pin Noam Dar for the win.

After the match, Tommaso stated that he wanted another match later that day and challenged Kirby for the ROH TV Title, Kirby accepted.

Quarter Finals Match: Dave Mastiff def. Dave Rayne

Before the match started, Rayne sighed as he saw who he would be facing, Dave “Bastard” Mastiff. This didn’t last long as Mastiff used his strength to hurt Rayne all around the ring and won when he hit a senton.

Quarter Finals Match: Chris Hero def. Bubblegum

The crowd cheered for Hero when he came to the ring and you could see that he was enjoying the crowd but sang, “he’s just a rentboy” to Bubblegum, who replied with his usual finger gesture. I did enjoy watching Bubblegum use some high-flying moves. However, once Hero took control of the match, he planted a spinning elbow, picking up the win.

Quarter Finals Match: Kris Travis def. Mike Bennett

Both Travis and Bennett, who was accompanied by the beautiful Maria Kanellis received a loud welcome from the crowd and they didn’t disappoint. Travis asked Maria if he could have a kiss as she had kissed her Bennett for luck. This match was fantastic and I loved every minute of it. Bennett at one point speared Travis on the outside of the ring apron. We had numerous 2 counts from both, Travis however was able to stay strong and get the win.

Team Single (Rampage  Brown & T-Bone) def.  Danny Hope & Madman  Manson

Both Hope and Manson were comedy gold during the match and Hope took control as he started against T-Bone, it didn’t last long as the power of ‘Team Single’ took over. Both Manson and Hope tried to “Hulk up” at one point but it didn’t work with T-Bone dropping Manson with a ‘RKO’ and Rampage hitting Hope with a piledriver for a double pin.

Quarter Finals Match: Chris Masters def. Joey Hayes

Before the match started, Joey Hayes asked if anyone had bought his NEW t-shirt and then asked if anyone wanted the one he was wearing. I put my had up and said “me”. As he came up, he started to put his top on me but at the last minute, walked away. The crowd booed. Masters then came up and gave me his NEW t-shirt, which started a chant of “mini Masters.” Joey was aggressive throughout the match, using his speed to his advantage and taking Masters off of his feet on more than one occasion. There were a few 2 counts from both wrestlers but Masters was able to hit a devastating spinebuster that we all felt and following it with his “Masterlock” for the win.

(Evening Show)

Triple Threat #Boom Champion Match: Joey Hayes def. Dave Rayne (c) and Robbie

Everyone took turns in dominating this match but it was Joey Hayes who would win with a crossface submission on Dave Rayne. After the match, Rayne informed everyone that according to HIS rule book, the title cannot change on the 1st or 14th of any month. PCW owner, Steven Fludder, then stated that it didn’t say anything in his rule book about Superheroes challenging in the month of May. “Hurricane” Helms video and music started to play and Rayne was then told that he would be defending his #Boom Title at the Supershow in May.

Semi Finals Match; Chris Masters def. Chris Hero

This went back and forth but started with Hero wanting to do the ‘Masterlock’ challenge. When he placed it on, Hero would slap Masters on the head, making him release it. We got to see Masters put a figure-four leg lock on and then Hero with a blockbuster from the top rope onto Masters arm. This match had its fair share of 2 counts but Masters would get the win when he put the “Masterlock” on and as Hero countered, Masters was able to reverse it and get the pin.

After the match they both shook hands to the applause of the crowd and invited Dave Rayne, who had tried to interfere earlier into the ring. As all 3 hugged in the ring, Hero caught Rayne with his spinning elbow.

Semi Finals Match: Dave Mastiff def. Kris Travis

Before the bell had even rung, Travis dived through the ropes onto Mastiff and tried to get a quick 3 count. He tried to use a samoan drop on Mastiff but fell under the weight. He then used a hurricanrana, Del Rio style kicks, a release german suplex and a superkick but only got a 2 counts. The crowd cheered for more and when Mastiff was able to get Travis into the corner, he used his cannonball move for the win.

ROH TV Championship Match: Tommaso Ciampa (c) def. Martin Kirby

This was hard hitting and fast paced from both which included a top rope elbow and a release German suplex. Tommaso caught Kirby with some vicious running knees when he was against the turnbuckle and then get the win when he used his powerbomb lung blower.

After the match both shook hands in a mark of respect and the crowd stood to clap the match that they had just seen.

Mike Bennett & Maria def. Danny Hope & Madman Manson

I thought this was far better to watch than I was expecting, as we saw a “dance-off” with all four of them and then replaying part of the match which Manson and Bennett wrestled in slow motion, with the crowd chanting and cheering slowly to the match as well. Maria hit a bronco buster to Hope and he wanted one more but got Bennett instead. Maria would then pin Hope after a kick to the face.

After the match, the crowd would chant “please come back” to Bennett and Maria.

Open Challenge Tag Team Title Match: Team Single (c) def. Battle Squad Awesome w/Harvey Dale

Battle Squad Awesome were awarded this match as they were picked by the fans to face the Champions via social media. We started the match with T-Bone facing off against ‘Iron Dan’ Danny Chase, who worked really well but both T-Bone and Rampage were able to use their power to dominate the rest of the match. The crowd were firmly behind the champs other than maybe a handful of people in the crowd and I heard a small group chant, “f*%k them up T-Bone, f*%k them up.” It ended when Rampage caught ‘Diamond’ Dave Andrews in a powerbomb and then T-Bone followed up with an elbow drop from the top rope to get the win. ‘Team Single’ would then attack, Harvey Dale, who didn’t sell this very well and looked like a seal out of water when hit.

As both members of ‘Team Single’ were about to leave the ring, a video played of current ROH Stars, ReDRagon. They talked for quite a while and the crowd got restless. They stated that they would be coming to the PCW Supershow in May and take on the current PCW Champions. I don’t think the crowd were bothered as we had a “who are you” chant.

Papa Shango def. Bubblegum

Bubblegum came to the ring and complained that he didn’t have a match that night and would fight anyone for £5. Having squared up with a young girl at ringside, Papa Shango’s music started to play, to the enjoyment of the room. Bubblegum tried his best but it wasn’t long until Shango would pin him following a shoulder breaker.

Finals Match: Chris Masters def. Dave Mastiff

This was like watching 2 bulls fight, as both traded blows, back and forth. We got to see Masters deliver a fantastic 2nd rope suplex but only for a 2 count. He also tried with a spinebuster but again, just a 2 count. Mastiff did try hitting his cannonball move but ended up been put in the ‘Masterlock’.He couldn’t escape this and Chris Masters would become the ‘Road to Glory’ winner of 2014. He now has a title shot at the PCW Champion at PCW’s 3rd Anniversary show.

Main Event For The PCW Championship: Lionheart (c) def.  AJ Styles

We then were ready for this ‘No DQ’ Main Event that we had been informed of earlier that day.

The crowd went wild for Styles when his music played and it didn’t stop until the PCW Champion, Lionheart started his way to the ring.

This match didn’t stop, as both took punishment from each other and we got to see Styles use all of his signature moves that we are used to. At one point, they made their way into the crowd and wrestled for what felt like 10-15 minutes. The crowd went nuts for this and chants of “this is awesome” and “we can’t see” erupted. Once Lionheart was able to get back into the ring, he took control using a 2nd rope suplex of his own. He would the try winning the match with a “Rock Bottom” and then a boot to Styles face followed by a spear but only got a 2.

Joey Hayes then made his way to the ring and told the ref that he wanted to cash his briefcase in. Styles told him that he would face him after the match but Lionheart would take this opportunity to roll him up for the 3 count and win.

Styles would then put Lionheart into the “Styles Clash” but it didn’t end well for the PCW Champion, as we would later find out via social media that he had in fact broke his neck. Everyone in and around the ring knew something was wrong as, Steven Fludder, came to the ring as did the medical staff and were quick to deal with the situation. We were then told to please leave. As we left the crowd would chant “Lionheart”.

This was an amazing day of wrestling from PCW and they didn’t disappoint. It was unfortunate what happened at the end of the night but  we now know that Lionheart doesn’t need surgery and 1 week after it happened, is now walking. This shows strength, courage and can’t wait to see Lionheart back in the ring.

Also, a big thank you to ALL of the PCW family for taking care of Lionheart.


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