Not A Good Working Practice

Added by Stuart Rodgers

I decided not to record an episode of the podcast this week because I have been deflated to be honest over the last week or so as things happening in the UK scene are really getting to me. I really should of recorded a show with such a big weekend of wrestling coming up with Fight Club: PRO running Friday & Saturday, PCW running on Friday and PROGRESS running on Sunday but hopefully I can pick myself up and record a show for next week.

So, what has got me down, with me doing this podcast and running the website I have a decent amount of contact with wrestlers and promoters and recently in my hometown of Birmingham which has two main promotions, they being Kamikaze Pro and Pro Wrestling Kingdom, a promotion from outside the area was going to come here and put on a show. This was HOPE Wrestling, let me set the story for those who don’t know. A friend of mine Adam Coggins who is a big wrestling fan always wanted to run a show here in his hometown which for me, he has the right to do, just like anyone else. Now, he contacted some promotions to show his interest, so he did the right thing. Eventually, HOPE said they would help out and that’s how it came about that HOPE booked a show in Birmingham.

Moving on, it didn’t sit too well with the promotions already here in Birmingham even though, a wrestler who is also a promoter of one of the other two groups was booked on the show. Now, one of the promotions decided to book a show on the same day elsewhere in the city which I thought was pointless but everyone to their own. Fans of HOPE from outside the city thought while here to watch them would check out the other promotion so the HOPE promoter Harvey Dale in his way to help out the fans changed the start time of his show. So as it stood, all is good but then the promotion went one step further and then put on another show running the same time as HOPE. This then really stuck it to the fans who wanted to see two different products.

So despite it making no sense the show must go on as the old saying goes. Then two days before the HOPE show, they announced the show had been postponed due to reasons beyond their control. Now, I’m not going to reveal what I do or do not know about the alleged reasons why it was postponed but what is really bad is the fact that all the wrestlers and crew that were involved with the HOPE show missed out on a pay day and this is just wrong.

I’ve had various messages from other fans saying I shouldn’t get too concerned about this stuff as I’m a fan, leave that to them to sort out but what I do with The Indy Corner is to promote independent wrestling be that promotions, shows and wrestlers themselves and I consider some wrestlers friends and to hear they’ve lost out on a pay day really annoys me.

So in closing, that’s my two pence worth for what it’s worth which maybe nothing.

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