Noam Dar: Britain’s Brightest Star?

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The Israeli born, Scottish bred, 21 year old wrestler. Noam Dar has been wrestling from a young age and has always shown skill way beyond his years. Shown when at just 18 years old, he went one on one with one of the best wrestlers in the world in AJ Styles.

The thing I love most about Noam Dar, and why I think he is our brightest star and destined for the bright lights of America is because that man can do absolutely anything and it would be of the highest calibre.

He can wrestle as a good guy like he is at PROGRESS and he is massively over with the crowd doing all different chants with his name including the Star Wars theme, John Cena’s theme which Noam particularly liked and even the traditional Jewish wedding song which is a representation of Noam’s Israeli roots.

He can also wrestle as a bad guy as he does at PCW where he is a right mysterious angry character. Carrying a mysterious bag with him and when someone shouted out in question “What is in the bag?!” Noam simply replied: “Your fucking mum mate.” Fantastic.

Not just villain or good guy, but Noam, with his fantastic personality can have an amazing comedy match. The match he had with Grado at the PROGRESS World Cup was the best comedy match I have ever seen in my life, it was about 18 minutes long and for every second of that 18 minutes I was in stitches laughing. The end to the match was particularly good when they did the Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair “sorry I love you” spot with Noam hitting Grado with the Khali chop, with Grado pleading saying “just do it I’m already over” in what was a fantastic comedy match.

Not only that he is one of the best technical wrestlers you will ever see and can give you a five star match any day of the week. Showing that he is just not a one trick pony. One match which springs to mind is the match he had with Michael Elgin at Rev-Pro, he was absolutely fantastic that night and went toe to toe with Michael Elgin and he proved that he belonged in that ring.

Now for me, there is no end to what Noam can do, with him only being 21 and can only improve, we will see big things from Noam Dar. The guy can do absolutely anything, which is why I think that Noam Dar, is Britain’s brightest star.

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