Nick Gage’s Gods Of Ultraviolence 2015: What?

Added by Jack Cinnamond

Just a short while ago, CZW legend Nick Gage announced that he will be holding his own deathmatch tournament on September 5th of this year.

What? Yeah, I know that was a surprise. Gage seems to have had this in his barrel for a while, he keeps tweeting names. He stated that the tournament will be “H8 Club Certified” meaning that both Nick Gage and Nate Hatred are confirmed.

In the last few hours, he’s said a few different people. He passed out a very interesting tweeting asking “Where’s Wifebeater” which, as a deathmatch fan it’d be absolutely insane to see Wifebeater return for one night.

– Nick Gage (Confirmed)
– Nate Hatred (Confirmed)
– Necro Butcher
– Corporal Robinson

Not much information right now, or even if it’ll actually happen (although Gage has stated that he’s 100% “not fucking around” about it.

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