New wrestling comic Kickstarter – Global Wrestling Alliance: Premium Edition

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Wrestling has always turned up in various types of media. In the last few years we’ve had Netflix’s GLOW, frequent TV coverage on BBC’s The One Show and even a wrestling themed storyline in British soap Emmadale. Comic books are no exception. While we started this decade with only Mike Kingston & Michel Mulipola’s Headlocked, Image published Joe Keatinge & Nick Barber’s Ringside and we even have an official WWE comic. These are all fairly dramatic and realistic portrayals though. However, there is one Wrestling Comic that isn’t afraid to have some fun and that is Josh Hicks’ Global Wrestling Alliance.

GWA is a mini comic that has been going since 2016 and now Hicks has launched a Kickstarter to combine the 3 existing comics with unreleased material in the form of the 100+ page Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Premium Special. The Kickstarter, which can be found here, has launched and it’s here to make you laugh. Well, actually GWA is here to kick ass, have fun and write poetry about the experience.

As someone who already owns all the current GWA mini comics, I have to say that this the funniest and maybe best comic about wrestling that I’ve ever read. GWA takes the familiarity of the WWE set up and turns it on it’s fish shaped head with a behind the scenes look at a wrestling promotion with a cast of bizarre yet relatable characters. You have a depressed champion with a fish shaped head, a woman donning a mask to prove that she deserves more than “panties and barbed-wire death matches” and a wrestler who wants to be a poet.

It pretty funny with both absurd and character based humour while celebrating wrestling but it’s also about identity. The characters are driven by becoming who they want to be or asking who they are. In terms of the art, the book uses a 2 colour format which may seem a little basic to fans who only read mainstream comics but it really conveys the humour and emotions. One of my favourite parts of the books is how Hicks uses isometric sequences and morale meters, something that stands out from the crowd. Hicks himself is a wrestling fan, often attending Attack! Shows in Cardiff and that love of wrestling is apparent here. NXT UK’s Mark Andrews has even recommended the project

The Kickstarter launched on March 12th and at the time of writing it’s over 90% funded. The Kickstarter can be found at and the Official Press Release can be found below:


The Glorious Wrestling Alliance is getting collected! On March 12th, Josh Hicks will be launching a Kickstarter to fund Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Premium Special, a deluxe 100+ page paperback collection of Glorious Wrestling Alliance comics. The book will collect all three existing mini-comics — includingGlorious Wrestling Apocalypse, one of Paste Magazines top 25 comics of 2018 — and a brand new and exclusive 24 page final chapter into one carefully and beautifully crafted volume.

The Premise

Glorious Wrestling Alliancefollows the behind-the-scenes goings on at the world’s most glorious wrestling promotion, as the company’s storied cast of wrestlers, bookers and hanger-ons navigate the pitfalls of life between the ropes.

Great Carp is a seven-time world champion with a fish head and a heavy heart. Miranda Fury has a secret identity — and needs the world to know. Gravy Train wants to overcome typecasting but is hampered by basic logistical concerns, Death Machine wants his poetry to be taken as seriously as his piledrivers, and CEO Ricky Lovett Jr just wants to keep the family business afloat. See them bicker, argue, weep, curl up into little balls on the floor (happens approximately three times), bicker some more, throw things, throw each other, and maybe save the GWA forever. See it all! It’s a comedy!

Also, you don’t have to care about wrestling to like it. This is important.

The Product

Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Premium Specialwill be a 100+ page softcover book, printed at 210mm x 148.5mm. Each chapter of the book will be printed in a different spot colour to best replicate the feel of the original riso-printed minis. If the campaign reaches a stretch goal of £2,750, all books get a dustjacket (fancy), with some other super secret stretch goals lined up too.

The Rewards

Rewards include a DRM-free digital version of the book, the physical book itself, a signed & sketched bookplate edition, the chance to obtain one-of-a-kind pieces of poetry and art, and the online debut of the extremely limited edition Official Bootleg Great Carp action figure (thusfar only available at European comic shows.)

Everything on this Kickstarter ships worldwide. This is an international endeavour!!

Praise for Glorious Wrestling Alliance

“An object lesson in pacing, characterisation, visual storytelling and plotting.” – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

Hicks has created a world full of unforgettable characters that takes on some of the wrestling industry’s weirdest carny quirks with an irresistible charm… Whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, you’ll have a blast with this one. “ – CK Stewart, Newsarama

“Glorious Wrestling Alliance is entertaining as all get out. Quick and to the point, it’s fun and funny, bonkers and clever, well worth your time and attention.” – Daniel Elkin, Comics Bulletin

About the Author

Josh Hicks is a cartoonist from Cardiff, Wales. His work includes the Glorious Wrestling Allianceseries of minicomics, as well as his collection of short comics pieces,Human Garbage (2017), published by Good Comics. In 2017 he was named one of Broken Frontier’sSix Small Press Creator’s to Watch; In 2018,Paste Magazinenamed hisGlorious Wrestling Apocalypseas one of the 25 best comics of the year. His work has appeared in Off Life,The Atomic Elbow, The Good Comics Reader and Dirty Rotten Comics.