Motley’s Mic Drop: Why Will Ospreay vs Marty Scurll Is The Best Feud In Wrestling Right Now

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I have just recently gotten into independent wrestling and so far I love it. We get amazing wrestlers truly working hard to put on a show for the fans that watch it. We also see some of the best storylines and matches we have ever seen before in the history of wrestling. And the best feud right now in all of wrestling, not just independent wrestling, is the ‘Ariel Assassin’ Will Ospreay and the ‘Villain’ Marty Scurll. They embody everything that a true wrestling feud should be. There is a clear good guy and a clear bad guy. The bad guy does underhanded things to win. They show true hatred for each other by their facial expressions and hitting each other really hard. And we can’t forget that they put on classic matches. They have only fought twice in recent months but the feud could be nominated already for feud of the year.

We go back to January 16th of this year. The fantastic promotion of Revolution Pro Wrestling put on a show called high stakes. In that show, not in the main event but in the mid card, was the first match-up between Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll. The high stakes on the line was a number one contendership for the british heavyweight championship and for the first action figure for a wrestler in the United Kingdom. While the action figure stipulation is pretty cool, this is all about the number one contendership, like it should be. Most good rivalries center around a title and you will see from the next match, that championships and personal hatred are a center of this feud. This match came to be from Marty Scurll, the villain, blaming Will Ospreay for costing him a shot at the championship and in return, Marty Scurll costing Will Ospreay his cruiserweight championship belt. So in the storyline, there was true hatred for each other for costing each other championships and championship matches. This is for one thing that makes a great storyline and feud. You have to have something on the line and you have to make it personal also. Which they do. And this match did not disappoint the build. What we got was a classic and it stole the show. We got stiff shots, flying moves, and near falls. That is a true indy classic. They were stiff with each other, delivering truly convincing, hard hitting blows. Will Ospreay seemed like a madman by doing moonsaults and flips off the top rope. And they just kept kicking out, refusing to give up. The fans were into it and so were all the viewers at home. Marty Scurll, the villain like his name says, tried everything to win. He did eye rakes and low blows to win. Will Ospreay persevered like a good guy should do. And on top of that, we got true hatred shown on each other’s faces. Will Ospreay looked like a pissed fellow and Marty Scurll showed that also by spitting on Will Ospreay. And the match ended in a truly great sequence with Marty Scurll coming out on top with his finisher of a crossface chickenwing in a body scissors. This is truly a great match and it was only the beginning.

A little over two weeks later we got the next match-up. This when was for what has become my favorite independent promotion in PROGRESS wrestling. It is a tremendous promotion with great wrestling and they pride themselves on wrestling the strong style technique, which I love. The crowd is also amazing and interactive. It is truly a great promotion that I’m happy to give my money to. And lucky for them they have two of the best wrestlers in the world at the top of the card in Ospreay and Scurll. Ospreay came into this contest as the PROGRESS champion, which in itself is a great journey to the championship. His story to the championship is as the true underdog that can never win the big one. He got a bunch of title shots and could never win before finally beating Jimmy Havoc for the title. He defended it twice. But at Chapter 24, after a successful title defense, Marty Scurll attacked a beat up Will Ospreay. He beat him up then demanded a title shot, locking him in an armbar and threatening to break his arm if he did not give him the shot. Will Ospreay had to oblige but there was one other stipulation: No Disqualification. For these two men, most people wouldn’t think that a No DQ stipulation would be big with them both being smaller guys and not know for being hardcore. But this match showed that if you truly hate someone, then you will do anything to get revenge and get, or keep, the prize you want. This match, like the last one, was full of great near falls, high flying, and like the promotion prides itself on, very hard hitting. Marty Scurll was sick with some stuff he did like spitting on Ospreay and rubbing his testicular area then rubbing his hand all over Ospreay’s face and mouth. It was truly nasty. We saw Ospreay fly and do his usual great high flying moves. We saw both men kick out numerous times and fight out of submissions. We also saw some great shots with legs and elbows and fists and head butts. It was a physical match. But, what separated this match from the last one is that they went to war with each other. They used tables and chairs. Will Ospreay, who is the good guy in this feud, even used weapons which he usually refuses to do. This man, Scurll, tried to injure him and put him out of action. He wanted revenge, not just to keep the title. But, the true closing moments of this match shows how great this feud is. We first had some great back and forth fighting and striking by both but then Scurll had Ospreay down. He decided there was only one way to finish the match though. He had to stop Ospreay completely. He handcuffed Ospreay’s hands behind his back. That is a true villain move from the best villain in wrestling. That basically stops all momentum and let’s Marty Scurll do whatever he wants with him. Before he did though, the best picture of this feud is when Ospreay realizes he is handcuffed and he sits up and see’s Marty Scurll. They stare at each other and you see the true hatred in that one shot of him looking at Scurll, realizing he is handcuffed. He didn’t give up but he wanted to murder this man across the ring from him. Unfortunately, he didn’t get his revenge. Scurll started by just doing hard elbows to the head. But then he took it a step further. Marty Scurll has one prop he takes to the ring every match and that is an umbrella. He propped Will Ospreay in the corner and just started hitting him in the back and the back of the head with multiple umbrellas and umbrella shots. It was hard to watch. He then ended the match with his chicken wing finisher again. That’s the only thing I don’t like is letting Marty Scurll winning another match in the series but with how great the feud is and how awesome it is then it is worth it. Plus, Ospreay can always come back and want revenge for taking the title and hurting him and humiliating him. This match was better than the first one by far because of the vengeance and what was on the line.

Both these matches are great and I know we are at least getting one more match from these two at Mania weekend. On April 2nd, 2016, we get Ospreay vs Scurll for the first time on US soil. As a american who has never traveled to the UK and most likely won’t get to, I’m ecstatic for this show. I’m going to this show just to see this match. It needs to main event. There may not be any stipulations, which hinders it in a way, but these two don’t need it. They will build a great story within the match. I would say that if you are in Dallas that weekend, somehow get tickets to this show to see this great match.

If you have not been convinced by now that this is the best feud in wrestling, then just go watch the matches. Subscribe to PROGRESS wrestling for only 8 American dollars and watch it. Then go to Rev-Pro and buy the big shows for only 10 dollars. They are both worth the money for the matches I’ve talked about above alone, not talking about the other great matches on the show. This feud is built on everything a wrestling feud should be. Revenge. Vengeance. Championships. Personal Hatred. And these men delivered every step of the way by putting on true classic matches that will go down as some of the best matches and feuds in recent history. I don’t know about you guys but I imagine at the end of the year these two will win my feud of the year award and they should for you to.

Check out the podcast on The Indy Corner from last week where there is a great sit down interview with Will Ospreay. It is a great interview and it makes you believe in him as a person even more. And check out my column next week where I discuss what indy shows to go to Mania weekend. Thank you for tuning in and I’m out!

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