MK McKinnan: Forced To Call It A Day

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Photo Credit: JAMIEphoto/Fight Club: PRO

This past Friday, Fight Club: PRO had their first stand alone show, Rage Against The Death Machine, at their new venue, The Fixxxon Warehouse in Wolverhampton. The announced card was stacked with the likes of Tommy End, Zack Sabre Jr & Sami Callihan booked alongside FCP regulars. A man that wasn’t booked was the current champion, MK McKinnan. I thought it was unusual but thought something would transpire on the night and he’d probably end up having a match.

I couldn’t make the show but was kept up to date by a friend so I could post results as they happen on my twitter feed. Now after the first 2 matches they had an interval and coming out of that MK came to the ring probably to a chorus of boos which he has been use to for the last couple of years, more on that later. MK took to the mic and in short said he could no longer defend the FCP title due to a heart condition and right there announced that the final match of the evening between Seven & Callihan would now be for the title.

I first saw MK wrestle back in 2011 at the first Fight Club: PRO show I attended, Fight For Honour (15/7). He was in a three-way match with the equally amazing Jonathan Gresham & Japanese wrestler Shinya Ishikawa. Right there I knew, MK McKinnan would be a wrestler I’d be keeping a close eye on.

From there, via social media, podcasts and whatever sites I was involved in I would forever ‘put him over’ as a great talent. Not saying it was related but eventually he was getting booked outside of FCP including PROGRESS where he faced Paul Robinson in their first Natural Progression Series (watch it HERE )

MK thanks to FCP he had many great matches and back in 2012 he battled the now Finn Balor, Prince Devitt to a 30 minute draw while pretty much on one leg as he had injured his ankle the weekend before wrestling elsewhere but battle through in what was then and maybe still is, the highest profile match of his career, yes, he has wrestled at York Hall in front of 1,200 fans but this was Prince Devitt. It’s a shame for both MK and the fans we didn’t see a fully fit MK that night because as the match was, if at 100%, that match would of been excellent.

MK was for the first part of his career a fan favourite but at the end of a match with Johnny Gargano in FCP on 7/3/14 at International Tekkers Part 1, MK injured his knee and was out of action for a while. At International Tekkers Part 2 on 13/6/14 after a match between Trent Seven & Kevin Steen, which Seven had won, as Steen was about to hit Seven with a post match package pile driver, MK came out on crutches and told Steen basically, we don’t roll like that, you should shake his hand, Steen did shake his hand but then MK dropped his crutches and superkicked Seven and  hit the package pile driver (watch it HERE).

Going forward MK would be a hated figure in FCP, he aligned himself with Pete & Damian Dunne with associate Jimmy Havoc to form KYS (Kill Yourselves).

MK totally changed his style of wrestling and his ring gear to match his new persona. No, he wasn’t the MK McKinnan I first saw in 2011 having blistering junior heavyweight style matches but, in his new role as a bad guy so to speak, he excelled too.

I don’t know exact details other than what he said in the ring last night, suffice to say, as much as its been a pleasure to watch MK wrestle in his short career, health must always come first and I hope whatever issues he has concerning his heart it doesn’t stop him living his life to the full.

In closing, I just want to publicly thank him for all the great matches over the years. He’s always been great with me and I’ve always enjoyed the interviews I have done in the past with him.

Other than his Fight Club: PRO matches, some of which you can find on YouTube on the official FCP channel check out his 3 match series with Zack Sabre Jr in Rev-Pro, these were excellent matches.

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