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Long Live The Villain, such a great statement from arguably the UK best wrestler currently in the only man to have held the Rev-Pro triple crown of the undisputed British tag team, crusierweight and heavyweight championships and he is a former PROGRESS world champion Marty Scurll.

Hailing from Cambridge England just a short 20 minute drive from my home, Marty has had some mild television publicity here in the UK on shows such as ‘Take Me Out’ and TNA ‘British Boot Camp’, all under the “Party” Marty persona, but since late 2014 Marty had redesigned himself into The Villain, if you were lucky enough to have seen the YouTube videos Marty put together showing his transformation from “Party” Marty into The Villain then you’ve been witness to something very special and unique.

While Scurll saw some success as Party Marty he’s managed to develop a persona that’s is totally unique in a un-unique world of pro wrestling, never have I been more fascinated by a top knot, sunglasses wearing, umbrella carrying wrestler dressed in a fur coat than I am with Marty Scurll.

When you first see Scurll walk out of the backstage in his full ‘Villainess’ then you immediately see the sick and twisted smile with unique facial expressions, but also that’s pretty striking to me is his size and frame, while not over tall or muscular Marty has taken his persona and in ring talents to new heights while seemingly masking his size, if it wasn’t for wrestlers like Bryan Danielson then maybe talents like Marty would just be stuck to the opening of shows and not have companies built around them, after all I’m a pro wrestling fan, no matter how big or small, fat or thin if you have the persona and ability to tell a great story in the ring while entertaining the hell of me then I couldn’t care about you’re size or lack of.

If like me you’re paying a very cheap subscription to PROGRESS Wrestling’s outstanding On-Demand service then you’ve been witness to Scurll vs Ospreay on several occasions, two of the best UK wrestlers in recent memory alongside Zack Sabre Jr, for the better part of 2016 Scurll has been The Man in PROGRESS and the guy to beat, unfortunately he was recently defeated for his title at PROGRESS Chapter 32 ‘5000/1’ (available to view On-Demand) it’s made me really sit back and think what if? What if a mainstream company was looking to develop the next batch of talents then who would I pick…. Every time the number 1 on that list for me is Marty Scurll, his in-ring ability is outstanding while being able to have superb technical matches with Sabre Jr, Chris Hero or a more quicker style when facing talent s like Ospreay and Mark Andrews, Scurll has his persona on point, he has a very very unique appearance , his entrance are always very entertaining while his promo work is second to none, if you get anything from this then please visit Marty’s YouTube channel and watch his promo videos they will mesmerise you like they did for me and my 39 year old brother who’s hardly a wrestling fan.

Marty is someone you could build a company around, he’s young, talented in the ring and outside the ring with the ability to wrestler any style, I really can’t understand how TNA not only allowed him to slip through their fingers while on British Boot Camp but that they haven’t had him back in the promotion, have they tired ? I’ve no idea, Should they have tired? 100%, Marty is someone you should be putting money into, he’d nailed down a outstanding persona and is young enough to develop further in the US markets.

TNA are more recently dropping opportunities to sign top “indy” talent in exchange for “cheaper” talent, while I can’t understand the appeal for wrestlers like Mahabali Shera over crazy talents like Marty Scurll, this could be a reason the product is lacking something…… Something like a VILLIAN.

I can honestly see a huge future for Marty in ROH given the opportunity and if I could recommend anyone to them then this would be Scurll, he’d be a perfect fit for a promotion like ROH, he’s the ROH style in his locker and have a unique look to stand out in the company like Dalton Castle has been doing over the past 2 years, even NXT following the impending call up should be looking at the Cambridge native as someone to develop further.

Marty Scurll for me is the Number 1 wrestler in the UK right now, I’m aware of how amazing Zack Sabre Jr’s technical abilities are and how great and exciting Will Ospreay is to watch, but they both lack the promo and persona that Scurll has nailed down and on the US scene this seems to matter just as much as the in-ring work, Scurll has it all and I’m hoping that ROH/NXT look closely at him or TNA like to build the next batch of talent around him, he’s ready for that…Because he’s a Villain remember.

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Gary R Ward

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