Lucha in the UK!

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Everyone who pays attention to my articles understands that I love Lucha Libre. The art of Mexican wrestling, filled with masks and adventure and now thanks to several people, the UK will know it to!

On the 9th July, the UK will be invaded by the joys of Lucha Libre as York Hall will be transformed into a spectacular showcase of a foreign artform by Lucha Libre World.

Lucha Libre World will commence shows on the 9th with a Grand Opening show featuring the legendary El Hijo Del Santo, (for the first time in the UK) Dr. Wagner Jr, Cassandro and more and then another show the following day with a Cabaret show with that.

Then Saturday the 11th, we’re blessed with two separate events. Lucha Future will host a lucha libre show in the Royal Albert Hall headlined by another of Mexico’s legendary luchadors Blue Demon Jr, while Lucha Libre World will once again hold a event, their Grand Finale at York Hall with Hijo Del Santo headlining.

If you’re a Lucha Libre fan, then you must try your hardest to get down to London for these shows. The chance to see Lucha Libre in its true form will be unforgettable.

Check out for Lucha Libre World tickets and for Lucha Future tickets.
Lucha Libre World are on Twitter @LuchaLibreldn –

Lucha Future are on Twitter too

If you want to talk to me @CMCinnamond or hey, my Lucha work is @LuchaDubs.

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