Living The Dream

Added by Dean Allmark

On Saturday it was PCW’s FREE outdoor “Tribute To The Troops 2” show. I arrived at the Preston Flag market about two hours before showtime and due to the other activities going on it was already packed with thousands of people enjoying armed forces day. I was up first in a 6-way money in the bank match against El Ligero, Lionheart, Martin Kirby, Joey Hayes and Charlie Garrett. As I made my entrance to the ring it was awesone to see how many people were watching the show it was literally as far as my eyes could see. The match was pretty much your typical PCW 6-way action full of fast paced craziness which included myself, Lionheart, El Ligero and Charlie Garrett all hitting dives to the floor which was pure concerate with no padding. The match ended with Martin Kirby rolling up his tag team partner Joey Hayes to win the money in the bank. I really enjoyed the match purely for the great atmosphere I’m one of those wrestlers who like to wrestle in front of as many fans as possible and getting to wrestle outside in the middle of Preston in front of a few thousand was awesome!

On Monday I got the call from Brian Dixon that I’d be wrestling in Bognor Regis on Tuesday which was the following day. Bognor usually takes me about four and a half hours sometimes five but due to traffic it took me just over seven hours to drive there. As soon as I arrived it was straight onto building the ring for the show which had to be fast with it being half six and the doors for the venue opening at quarter to seven. We all got stuck in and managed it with time to spare. After a quick changed into my wrestling gear and some much needed Red Bull I was up second again Badboy Ben Levy who had been a student of mine since 2006 but had recently taken sometime off and this was his first one back since earlier this year. The match was a great contest and ended when I pinned Ben with a moonsault from the middle rope. After the match I had to sit and sign autographs in the fifteenth minute interval as I was signing away I was thinking to myself about the impending summer run which started on Friday and how I was going to signing a lot of autographs during that seven week stint. The drive home took about five hours and as I fell into bed I fell fast asleep almost instantly.

In the summer seven weeks I’ll be wrestling on 66 shows here’s a list of where you can catch me during that busy period…. Tuesday ASW Presthaven Sands in Prestatyn and ASW Rhyl Town Hall Wednesday ASW Porthmadog Greenacres Haven and ASW pwllheli hafan y mor Haven Thursday ASW Cala Gran Haven and ASW Marton Mere Haven.Friday 17th July Infinite Promotions in Warrington and 7th August PCW in Preston 4th Anniversary show “The Fourth Awakens” Saturday ASW Skegness Butlins Sundays ASW Filey Blue dolphin, Reighton sands and Primrose Valley Haven holiday camps.

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