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In my last blog I mentioned I didn’t have any shows at the weekend which too be honest I don’t really mind with the busy summer schedule approaching. I did however take my wrestling school 9-4 in the Bebington Civic Centre on the Wirral.

It was the second to last one before we break for the summer and it was a cracking session once again we had two students from another wrestling school there which I think always motivates everybody. By the end of the day everybody was drenched in sweat myself included, we have heating in our room but no air conditioning so if it’s a hot day there’s no escaping the heat. This weekend is our last session before the school closes until September , I have students who will be debuting for All Star this summer so this session will be last chance to get them ready for that. Also on Saturday I will be wrestling at a stag party. I did my first ever one about the same time last year and it turned out to be quite fun with all the guys coming dressed up as their favourite wrestlers which included Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Hulk Hogan. Last year I wrestled All Star regular Sam Adonis who lives in Florida but comes over a couple of times a year. He is also the brother of WWE’s Cory Graves and was himself in WWE developmental and is now part of the NXT commentary team so it was a treat for those guys at the party to meet him and to have a real American wrestler on show. I remember the match bring really good and thinking how quick and agile he was for such a big guy and I’m sure anybody who has ever seen him wrestle would say the same. This stag parties match is still being arranged but I plan to make it just as good if not better than last years.

I’ll be back next week with details of how it went and a preview of my up and coming match at PCW’s tribute to the troops 2 free show in Preston’s city centre

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