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Friday 19th I headed back to the Woodville Halls, Gravesend for All Star Wrestling. It is one of ASW’s most regular venues and journey that I’d made seemly hundreds of times before but what made it different was Gravesend always used to be on a weekday usually a Wednesday, Friday is a notoriously bad day for travelling and this was no different it usually takes around about 4 and half hours to get to Gravesend on a Wednesday this day we left at midday and arrived at the venue at 19:15 with the show starting at half past 7! So for me it was a little more rushed than I like I got my gear on straight away as I was on in a tag match on 3rd.

As I was getting ready an old friend walked into my room, I hadn’t seen Ozzy The Zulu Warrior since about 2009 before he got signed by the WWE and spent a year in developmental before coming home. I wish I would of had more time to catch up with him he’s I great guy who I’ve always liked since the first time I met him, always loved his eagerness to learn he used to always ask me to get in the ring with him before shows and made regular trips from his home in Portsmouth to my wrestling school which is on Merseyside.

I finished getting ready and went to find out what was happening I found out that unfortunately Thunder had pulled out through injury and had been replaced by Iestyn Rees a huge Welshman who is currently in the best shape of his life. So the tag match would be myself and Charlie Garrett vs Flithy Phil Powers and Iestyn Rees. On my way to ring many fans were saying welcome back which I remember thinking was a little weird it was only when I got back to the dressing after the match and checked my calendar I realised I hadn’t wrestled there in just over a year which I was very surprised about as it didn’t seem that long since I’d been there but due to wrestling on other shows on those days I’d missed 3-4 Gravesend shows and it was nice to be back and good to see that I’d been missed while I was away. The match went exactly how I thought it would with me dealing with Phil Powers and Charlie using his size and athleticism against big Iestyn. My plan worked and after about 15 minutes of action myself and Charlie picked up the win after Charlie hit his unbelievable twisting senton off the top rope and pinned Iestyn for the 1,2,3.

The Gravesend crowd were amazing as always and seemed to enjoy the match as much as I did. After the match I quickly got ready because I wanted to watch and record the main event which was James Mason vs Joel Redman which was set for 6×5 minute rounds which I knew would be a fantastic match and I wasn’t disappointed both man put in great performances and proved why they are two of the best wrestlers this country has to offer.

I left the venue at about 22:30 and as soon as we hit the M25 we came to a stand still with bumper to bumper traffic I ended up pulling into my drive as the milkman was delivering to my doorstep at 4am. At 8am I was at my wrestling school helping my students set up the ring, as well as a wrestling school we actually cater for kids birthday parties and there had been a last minute party booked in for that day. So aswell as setting up the ring I had to go out and buy the food and other stuff needed for the party that day. Training began at about 10 and turned out to be a fantastic session all students giving their all as always. The kids birthday party started at 14:00 the way the parties work is I go in their and have a match usually against one of my students, after the match I take the kids in the ring show them some stuff, they eat, I sign posters for them, have photos with them and it’s all over and done by 15:30. This party turned out to be one of the best that we’ve done due to the fact that we knew most of the mums, Dads and kids that were there that day. I decided that we would do a tag match it would be myself and one of my young students dressed in a Spider-Man suit vs two of my students Tyson Taylor and Vitto Furo, a young wrestler who is now a full time member of the All Star team after moving here from Finland last year. Spider-Man and I picked up the win after Spider-Man hit a swanton bomb on Tyson for the win.

So a good but tiring couple of days due to the amount of time spent sat in the car driving with hardly any sleep. This coming weekend I don’t have any shows or any kids parties so Saturday will be spent preparing my students for their involvement in the summer camp runs. I have some students that will be making their debuts this summer so it’s important I get them as ready as possible for that. You can watch the tag match and the Mason vs Grey match from Gravesend on my YouTube channel so go check those out and and be back same time same place next week

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