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I’m glad people seemed to enjoy my first “Living The Dream” blog had really great feedback thank you to everybody who gave it a read and shared it.

So Saturday 13th June 2015 I was competing in the Great Bear Promotions junior heavyweight tournament. In the quarter final I was to take on the promising young up and comer Tyler Bate. I arrived at the venue at about 3:30 in the afternoon, as I arrived and parked my car I noticed that there was outdoor market being packed away. It was only then that it hit me that it was the same market I used to work at with my dad when I was 16 years old. In fact it was the first market we ever did it that day it turned out to be the coldest day in sandbach for something like the past 20 years and we failed to sell anything that day. As I was walking towards the doors to the town hall which was the venue for that nights wrestling I had a quick reflection on how far I’ve come since that freezing cold day it really is quite amazing and very surreal.

As I came into the venue the first person I saw was Marty Scurll, I’ve seemingly known Marty for many years now, but don’t really get to see him that often these days so it was nice to have a catch up with him and good to hear he’s doing really well and staying busy. I decided to get ready, anybody who really knows me knows I like to be fully dressed in my wrestling gear two hours before showtime. I don’t fully understand why I like to do this I guess I just like to get it out of the way so I’m not rushing at showtime.

My match against Tyler ended up opening the show, I’m always so happy when I’m on first I really think that’s my spot on a wrestling show, it’s so important to the rest of the show that the first match is a good one and sets the tone for the rest of the night. I’ve seen shows suffer because of a bad first match. As I anticipated this was a very technical affair from the off. The only thing that surprised me was how into it the crowd were. Sometimes I’ll go in there and wrestle a technical style and the crowd just don’t get it like they’ve never seen that sort of thing before and just want to see what they are used to. But this crowd were into everything we did, but there was one point in there where I put Tyler in a cravat and as I’m working it twisting his head about 3 kids on the front row started shouting “RKO” “RKO” which actually made me smile, I just shook my head and said out loud “Kids!” which got a laugh from the rest of the crowd. The match became less technical towards the end and more of a fight. Tyler gave me an airplane spin near the finish which legitimately made me throw up. If my memory serves me right it’s the first time I’ve ever taken that move and hopefully it will be the last. At the end of the match we ended up exchanging near falls before he caught me in a lucky back slide for the win. He beat me fair and square and I was happy to congratulate and raise his hand after the match was over. That was my second time at Great Bear Promotions and I’ve really enjoyed both so hopefully I’ll be going back there again in the near future.

As I said in my last blog June is a quiet month for me wrestling wise and this week is no different. I have Gravesend this Friday (19th June) for All Star Wrestling and teaching at my school on Saturday 9-4 in Bebington on the Wirral. Friday’s show will see myself and All Star newcomer Charlie Garrett take on British wrestling main stays Phil Powers and ASW champion Thunder. The Woodville Halls in Gravesend is one of All Star’s most regular venues and I’ve been lucky enough to have been wrestling there on a regular basis since 2001 and a huge percentage of the crowd from then still attend the shows now and already know who I am which is pretty unusual for an All Star show but it certainly makes my job a lot easier when it comes to getting them behind me. I expect this to be a very physical hard hitting match and because I’ll be the only guy under 200lbs in the match I also expect to be on the receiving end of most of the punishment but as Rocky said “it’s not how hard you hit its how many times you get hit and keep moving forward” or something along those lines. I’ll be back with a full update next week thank you for reading.

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