Lionheart vs AJ Styles II

Added by Joe Davies

I have decided to do this piece as some things that have been said on social media after PCW’s recent announcement that Lionheart will be facing the man who he was in a match with last March, when he tragically broke his neck.

First off, I am very excited for this match. I was there at the first match which was a fantastic match but ended horrifically as I am sure you all know, and it is by far the worst thing I have ever witnessed at a wrestling show.

Now, the thing that I wanted to talk about that was bugging me is the negativity about this upcoming match on social media. There are many people saying how they don’t think AJ Styles should even be at PCW again after what happened. The thing is, the reason he is so disliked, is not because of what happened, because in theory in wasn’t actually AJ’s fault, it is the fact that he was a total bell end about it.

I have even seen some suggest how disgusting PCW are, that they are capitalising on a terrible injury to make money, that was one that really annoyed me.

The way I see it is, Lionheart is a fantastic performer. He has come back from an injury and performing in the ring again when he is lucky to even be walking. Lionheart truly lives up to his name, because he must have a heart the size of a lion to get through this injury and be back in the ring performing again. But I feel like Lionheart, will never get the image out of his head. He will never get the image out of his head of him taking the Styles Clash wrong and injuring himself. It seems to be, the only way Lionheart will be able to move on from his career, and remove that image from the back of his mind is to face AJ Styles again.

The last thing Lionheart needs to be seeing is negativity on social media, he doesn’t need the negative thoughts about this upcoming match because that will not help him at all.

The whole British wrestling community should get together and give him nothing but positive vibes and respect, because that is what that man deserves facing up to something that he clearly fears, and I know he will get through this match, and come out the other side stronger than he already is.

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