Kris Travis: Top Man

Added by Stuart Rodgers

It’s been 24 hrs or so now since Kris Travis made it public that he would be retiring from professional wrestling. It was hard to take I’m sure for him and many of his fans but after all, his health comes first and that is paramount above all else.

Kris about 18 months ago was diagnosed with stomach cancer and after an operation to have a big percentage of his stomach removed and then go on an intense course of chemotherapy he made it clear he would make a comeback and after hard work in the gym that’s exactly what he did. I got to see Kris in one of his first matches back earlier this month at PROGRESS Wrestling in London and it was amazing to see this inspirational man back in the ring doing what he loved and it was equally amazing to see the love from the fans for him.

Kris has been around on the British scene for it seems like ages now, I recall hearing about his battles with the former WWE star Kevin Thorne in 1PW but it wasn’t until some years later that I got to see them and they were great.

Kris has had some notable singles matches but he is probably more well-known for his tag team with Martin Kirby – Project Ego. The entertainment they have provided has been tremendous, wrestling aside, the chemistry they have as they are such good friends really comes through when they perform.

Martin will of course move on but his friendship with Kris will pretty much last forever I believe.

I spoke earlier of notable single matches Kris has had and there have been two different compilations released on DVD from PCW (also on Blu Ray) and an independent one by Harvey Dale which features matches from different promotions involving Kris. Try and track them down. I’ll be honest, Kris’ matches in PCW with the likes of Prince Devitt, Kevin Steen & Chris Mastiff are pretty much must see.

Both PCW & Harvey Dale put on shows with all the profits going to Kris, an unbelievable gesture on their part.

In closing, I want to wish Kris all the very best in his future, sure he’ll be involved in wrestling somewhere down the line but his days of an in-ring performer are over and it’s a real damn shame that he never got to show what he can do on the big stage.


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