Killer Kross vs Nick GAGE added to Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport 2”

Added by Zack Monday

September 10th, 2019

Josh Barnett tweets out:

If you want blood, you got it

Nick F’n Gage vs Killer Kross


And that finished off a crazy card for GCW & Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport 2” with an absolute BANG! This is a very interesting matchup that can turn to a fight quick. Kross’ combination of size, speed and kill is going up the motherfucking GOD of this shit, H8 Club, Eastern Block, MDK All FUCKING DAY and someone that the New Jersey crowd at The Showboat is going to come unglued for and be 100% behind. I can’t wait for this match and I am so stoked for this card, LIVE on Fite TV on Saturday, $19.99 and so worth the money. GC Fucking W

Rest of the Card:

Zachary Wentz vs Anthony Henry 

So stoked for the fight these two are about to bring. Wentz is an animal, Henry is is violent motherfucker and both bring a wild array of offensive creativity that is going to make this fight something to see alright.

Lindsay Snow vs Sumie Sakai

This will be my first time seeing Snow, what I’ve read about her. she’s a killer and I am looking forward to seeing what this fight will be.

JR Kratos vs Erik Hammer

Kratos is a veteran star up in Northern California and made his Bloodsport/GCW debut at the last Bloodsport, defeating Simon Grimm via Murder Elbow. Hammer is a catch fighter and has the size to matchup with Kratos, this should be hard hitting and short.

Matt Makowski vs Rory Gulak

This is going to be really good. Gulak has been clamoring for a shot on this card and Barnett let him in, putting him against a dangerous Makowski, who has been wrecking shit in the Crucible matches, in CHIKARA, I am expecting fireworks from this fight.

Simon Grimm vs Anthony Carelli

Very interested on how this fight is going to go, Carelli aka Santino, is a long time martial artist and the founder of Canadian martial arts and pro wrestling training academy, BattleArts and will be an intriguing watch. Grimm is solid in the Bloodsport landscape, mixes his grinding submission style with heavy strikes and a killer instinct that should keep any opponent weary.

Allison Kay vs Nicole Savoy

These two bring the aggression and attitude to the ring and will look to impose their wills on each other. Very skilled athletes, Allison, aka Sienna, is the current NWA World Women’s Champion is a seasoned vet, who has established her bad-ass queen self in the ring. Savoy is dangerous, very well-rounded with an attack of strikes and submissions that will force Kay to stay moving. Looking forward to this!

Ikuhisa Minowa vs Timothy Thatcher

Wow! If you look at the diversity and level of skill all throughout this card, it’s pretty astonishing. This match is what I am looking forward to the most. Thatcher is one of my favorites to pay attention to, methodical and calculated killer, with a ability to deliver violence on a high level. Minowa is an incredible get, I mean, what the hell man! Minowa is a former DREAM Super Hulk Champion (Openweight Grand Prix) and veteran of just about every level of MMA (UFC, K-1, DEEP, etc.) and is going to bring a whole new level of skill. CAN’T WAIT!

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Davey defeated Kross at the last Bloodsport and Lawlor went to GOD DAMN war with WALTER at GCW “Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport” (April 5th, 2018; Replay on Fite.TV). Lawlor’s healthy and on a thunder like roll and Davey is one of the most deadly fighters in the Bloodsport realm, this is going to be GREAT.

Josh Barnett vs Chris Dickinson

This is a fucking main event if I’ve ever seen one. Two bad dudes are going to war in that ring and I can’t fucking wait to see it. Expect to love every second of this! Barnett is the War Master and a man of a particular set of skills that will show you why he is one of the best Heavyweight fighters of all-time. Dickinson is on a roll of epic proportions, defeating big time opponent after big time opponent and getting bigger by the day. This is going to be a fucking WAR baby.

Credit to @Toms’s_Customs for the poster