Kevin Steen, You Will Be Deeply Missed in Ring Of Honor

Added by Justin DiVirgilio

I forgot to mention on this week’s edition of US Indy News that ROH was in Dearborn, Michigan on Saturday July 19th that was taped for TV and the TV taping featured Steen’s last match in ROH for the indefinite future against Steve Corino. This is a difficult loss for ROH fans as Steen is one of the biggest names in the history of ROH.

The departure from ROH is difficult and sad for Steen as well as he has stated that ROH has been a second home and that his family is in ROH. Steen has been a mainstay in ROH since 2007 as he started off teaming with El Generico. The two men teamed with each other until Final Battle 2009 when Kevin Steen made the historic turn on his longtime tag team partner with the crack of a steel chair on the head of Generico. This led the to the epic feud of Steen and Corino vs. Cabana and El Generico. The feud spanned over the entire year of 2010 and had one of the most emotional feuds I have ever seen but the feud ended with Steen having to leave ROH for 6 months.

Steen returned triumphantly at Best In The World in 2011 and being dragged out of the arena by security. Steen then won his career back in ROH as he defeated Corino at Final Battle 2011. Steen then won the ROH World Title from Davey Richards on May 12th, 2012 at Border Wars. Steen lost the title at Supercard of Honor VII on April 5th to Jay Briscoe.

As you have just read Steen has accomplished so much in ROH that fans consider him one of the best wrestlers to ever step in an ROH ring. Steen is one of the most entertaining guys that I have ever seen live as he can do it all. Steen has given so much for the enjoyment of all ROH fans and I thank him. I believe that is one of the biggest reasons he will be missed in ROH and best of luck to the rest of his career.

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