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Added by Joe Davies

I haven’t wrote a piece in a while, so I thought I would write about something that has been in discussion lately on Twitter and facebook.

First off I’ll mention Botchamania. To put bluntly I think is absolutely terrible. Not only is it outlining wrestlers messing up but I just find it completely unfunny. The problem I have is that a wrestlers putting his life on the line just to entertain us, and I think to poke fun at a mistake, which in some circumstances could cause injury, is making a complete mockery of pro wrestling. What I find even worse is promoters sending in footage to botchamania to be shown on their show, that is just selling out to try and get your product a little more exposure (Yes I’m talking about you PCW) I know people say that we shouldn’t take wrestling so seriously which I agree with, I love Mad Man Manson and Grado who are literally the furthest away from serious you could think off I just personally think it’s making a mockery of the art that we love.

What is even worst, and which infuriates me so much is a “you fucked up chant” a performer is putting his life on the line to try and entertain you and one little mistake which could quite frankly injure them and people chanting you fucked up is disgusting. If in a promo or a match is going on and then that chant happens I feel like it completely loses the emotion of the match or promo and the match or promo will no longer have the emotion and intensity it started with.

Now I am sure many of you will disagree.

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