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Sup y’all! My name is Ethan Page, you probably know that because the only people that will read this are probably about 20% of the 1,500 people who follow me on Twitter, my aunts & uncles from Michigan and of course Stu from The Indy Corner and maybe some of the fans of the site. If you’re one of those new fans, welcome to the mind of a giant ass fan of wrestling! Yup, super popular/awesome indy wrestler Ethan Page can easily admit he’s a fan of wrestling. So instead of writing articles about how crazy my match was last week or how epic my promos are, I’m going to let you guys in the mind of a GIANT ASS “MARK” who gets to share locker rooms with his teenage heroes and guys he looks up to.

So, first article I kinda want to talk about how amazing Twitter is. Twitter…. think about it for a second. It’s an instant connection to anyone you’re a fan of. Literally ANYONE who has an account can be contacted by you! So I got to thinking about when I used to watch indy wrestling all we had was MSN, AOL chat, emails and all that jazz. Now we got twitter! In the early 2000’s I wish I could have tweeted CM Punk how sick his match with Colt Cabana was or tweeted that I thought Tyler Black was TOTALLY going to be a big deal after seeing him at IWA-MS! When I think about it, I actually get kinda weirded out a little bit. Without coming off as a giant ego maniac (…. All Ego, ha ha ha) I think about all the tweets I get from fans with all the love, support, some even grandstanding to get me to a bigger company/opportunity. I read them all, I reply to about 90% of these tweets and they ALL get received one way or the other. I’m not 100% sure about upper level dudes or WWE stars, but at this point of my career I’m at now, for argument sake we could compare me to a Josh Abercrombie from IWA-MS or even a Jimmy Jacobs from IWA-MS. In my eyes personally, if I got a reply from one of those dudes in 2006 I woulda shit my pants with happiness. I’m just using IWA-MS as my example because I consider AIW the new breeding ground for top tier indy talent now.

So why bother writing all this mumbo jumbo and blab about my lack of connection to the wrestlers I use to mark out for growing up…. well, so that fans now know I haven’t forget what it was like to be the fan following the up and comer. So if the rolls were reverse, I would’ve LOVED to get to chat with Tyler Black on his rise to stardom and say “Ya man, I knew he was going to be a big deal from his IWA-MS days”. So when fans support me and tweet me, I’ll never ignore it. I’ll never forget what it was like to crave a connection with someone I really believed in. So when it comes to twitter of all things, I love it, I cherish it in some ways and I appreciate what it offers to me as a performer and what it offers my fans/supporters. Hell, I even love that people can tell me I suck. Either way, just know, if you ever tweet @ethanpage89 ….. it’s been read and more then likely will be replied to.

– Ethan Page

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