Just Make It, Make Sense

Added by Nathan Cruz

Great Britain, is a very small country. Despite the fact we live on such a small island, we have a huge wrestling scene. With different promotions dotted all across the country as well as some absolutely awful ‘charity shows’. As a result we have a lot of fans who can follow their favourite British wrestlers and note their appearances on the British scene. When doing the meet and greets I do across the country one question I frequently get asked by hardcore fans and casuals all alike is “I thought you was a bad guy?” or “I thought you two were friends?”

Now do I think it’s an issue where guys work a different role? Yes. Years ago, it didn’t matter. Social media was nowhere near the juggernaut it has become in the past five years and it was hard to find out who was working what where. Now the “heel/baby face” isn’t the biggest issue. It’s fair to say that a southern audience would no doubt prefer to cheer on a local lad than a northern competitor. But it’s when these guys come back to these same towns and have changed roles for no reason. Or when promoters like to stick people together as a team, when they’re feuding elsewhere or visa versa.

Unfortunately, wrestlers (full time wrestlers) have to be very much like desperate prostitutes to keep money on the table. No one can afford to turn down bookings and we end up working shows and doing whatever the promoters want, even if it’s against what’s taking place else where in the country. So I guess this isn’t really something for wrestlers to take note of, but promoters.

A lot are divided across the country and have something that almost resembles the territory days of the US, NGW has East Yorkshire. PCW has Preston. All-Star is the only touring promotion but even they have a tight grasp on Stoke-on-Trent. Would it be to difficult to take note of what is taking place across the country? Communicate with one and other and make everything make sense. It’s only something small however it’s a huge part of our industry and as much as we as wrestlers can try and make things make sense, it’s extremely difficult when we just want to show up and do our job.

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