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Being a wrestling fan is a hard thing. No really it is. Most friends who don’t follow the sport or mis-understand it, jokingly mock you for being a fan or use the popular term, ‘fake’. But let’s face it we have all heard it before, we have stood there and shown our friends the sacrifices, in fact the risks that every man and woman who enters that ring makes in order to entertain every fan watching them and more often than not, they come away with a bit more information, maybe some respect for wrestling too.

After bombardments of converstations and invites to those friends who questioned the entertainment value of wrestling, some of them curiously decide to take you up on your invite and go to an event with you.

You all go for a few drinks or some food before the event because you want to make a night of it, after that your at the event, sitting or standing either way your ready to be entertained and this is where the event can go brillantly or fail faster than people trying to copy Kylie Jenners lips using a glass. Most fans or friends of them know how to handle themselves at an event. Having banter with the wrestlers, going daft at the merchandising stand and the random chants, ah the chants, we all have heard the successful ones that everyone joins in with, the ones that are just aweful and the ones that never really get’s started and fades away with one person looking sad. It’s kinda simple really how to be at a wrestling event, at the risk of repeating myself, you are there to be entertained, the stars are the wrestlers, and the fans do NOT get phyically get involved.

Almost mentioned earlier, every fan has there part to play at a wrestling event as well: The Interaction. The more the fans cheer, boo or just make noise at the event, it hypes the wrestlers, it lets them know the standard of wrestling you want. It enables them to go above and beyond, to provide you with the best performance that they can. You cheer for your heroes, boo or your own equivalent at the people you dislike but at the end of the day you do not interfere with what the wrestlers are doing. Maybe your disappointed with the way a match is going, then shout to there’s no breath left in your body, let them and the organisers hear what your thinking. If a wrestler is purposely insulting you, insult them back within reason (insulting someones family – not cool) but again, there is no need for you to phyiscally touch them.

There have been events I’ve recently attended that fans have tried to start fights with the wrestlers or throw drinks at the ring and my thoughts are simple, why? I’m hoping it’s just the alcohol or new fans that have arrived, but doing things like that get you banned and as ring announcer, Simon Cassidy once said at ICW Barramania, “People will think you are a dickhead”. It really is that simple.

So, what is the point of this blog, like football fans represent there football clubs, we represent the whole aspect of wrestling really we do, now we don’t have the luxury of saying, “that’s not our club causing problems so we’re okay”. No, we can’t say that, because at this point in time, UK Wrestling is beginning a somewhat golden age, some promotions are consistantly selling out, other promotions are progressively seeing ticket sales move in the right direction and the popularity of wrestling is growing. But violience within the fans and wrestlers challenged to fights, the popularity will die down, the Superstars who have recently been touring the UK strangely might not want to venture half way across the world in the future and those sold out venues will just become a point in a wrestling fans debate in an arguement of what UK Wrestling could have been.

Just a thought after all.

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