Japanese Death Matches- Let’s Replace Ropes With Barbed Wire And Add An Electrical Current

Added by Amanda Del Valle

Let’s get into death matches! Japanese Death Matches! No wait! Japanese electrical barbed wire death match! There have been more than one, there is one which I believe to be the most well-known barbed wire death match, Megumi Kudo vs Shark Tsuchiya in FMW in Japan. This is a must see you can’t really overlook the subject of barbed wire death matches without finding a good Shark vs Kudo reference but I want to dig into another particular match that occurred in April 10 of 1999.  I was 11 and didn’t see this match at the time, yeah sucks. I saw it recently once I started to really get into Puroresu Japanese style of wrestling. It was Atsushi Onita vs Masahiro Chono in the Tokyo Dome.

Now the match just doesn’t start off. No sir, the entrances themselves were entertaining. Atsushi comes out first with a chair all smiles. Now the walk to the ring was long but it does allow you time to sense and get a feel on the wrestlers’ persona. The crow starts throwing trash at the rail way as Atushi makes his way but he doesn’t care, he stops, sets his chair down and lights a cigarette, gets up and continues. Drinks are being thrown at him as he passes unfazed, that he even grabs one, takes the lid off and pours the contents of that disposable coke cup on top of his head and continues his way. Once he enters the ring his opponent makes his entrance. Masahiro comes out in a huge Hummer, exited the monstrous vehicle with a cigar in his mouth and begins walking to the ring. Completely over with the crowd, nothing was thrown at him. Masahiro received a big pop when he came out and to put things into perspective why, he’s also stepped in the ring with Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. The Texas rattle snake breaks his Masahiro’s neck but that is a match you can view another time. When it comes to good wrestling I look for storytelling, spots, suspense and unexpected results. This match provided all of those elements. Without spoiling it because I prefer the reader to watch the match themselves in full with no insinuation on what is going to happen. The results of this match were not predictable, as any bout should be.  While writing this I kept thinking to myself “Death Metal Matches” which by the way I don’t oppose to, make it happen Japan.


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